Environmental Sports Drink Bottle

Patent Name Environmental Protection Sports Beverage Bottle Patent Applicant Nie Shuai Principal Applicant Address 471001 Luoyang Locomotive Factory Development Company, Luohe City, Luoyang City, Henan Province Inventor Nie Shuai; Nie Yipin; Chu Shijun Application (Patent) No. 200420011133.0 Appli[…]

Temperature sensitive milk bottle

Patent Name A temperature sensitive milk bottle Patent applicant Li Zhongxing Principal applicant Address 265100 Shandong Haiyang People's Hospital In-Situ Inventor Li Zhongxing Application (Patent) No. 200420053982.2 Application Date 2004.09.18 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2740188 A[…]

Double-chamber bag pressing device of particle packagin…

A double-volume bag press device for a pellet packaging machine includes a front heat sealing block (1), a rear heat sealing block (2), a front heat sealing rack (3), a rear heat sealing rack (4), and a transmission device ( 5) It is characterized in that it is located between the vertical sealing[…]

The development of water-based ink for aqueous tipping …

With the development of the tobacco industry, there will be new changes in the technical requirements and market prospects for the future. The Printing and Packaging Department of Wuhan University is very optimistic about this market, and has developed the industry-leading level of water-based gra[…]

UK develops new multifunctional plastic food packaging

Recently, the British company successfully developed a new type of plastic food packaging that has both passive and active barrier functions, effectively inhibits oxygen infiltration, and even after cooking food bags, the effect will not be reduced. The new packaging can not only extend the storag[…]

The "Hidden Trouble" of Prepress Production S…

Quark 1. There is a problem with the white color of the software itself. It is easy to turn black when outputting, and you should set a new white color when using it. 2. Objects that are completely outside the page cannot be output. You can place graphics, lines, or file blocks on the page a lit[…]