Causes of Decreased Quality of Printed Products Caused …

1, uneven weaving Under normal circumstances, commercial printing, silk screen sometimes prone to uneven silk or silk gap or good or bad problem, which will cause changes in the hole and affect the printing ink transfer, ink film thickness will appear difference. If the net weave is not uniform o[…]

Convenient design and material application of packaging

Commercial design is a means to promote the sale of goods. Promotions have become the focus of commercial design. Modern packaging plays an important role in the promotion of products. In addition to the aspect of visual attention, it also includes convenience issues in sales. This involves the co[…]

UV curing machine advantages analysis

A UV curing machine is a device that uses a UV light source to cure UV inks. The UV light source has a wide wavelength range and is divided into three parts as shown in the figure. Practical experience shows that the wavelength is best when the UV-A area is about 365 nm. It is mainly used for the[…]

Male Anti-Aging Exercise Prescription

Prescription 1: Abdomen lift leg Exercise method: The body is lying supine on a sloping board. The arms are straight and the hands hold the support behind the head. The upper body is fixed and the legs are stretched upwards to do tummy lifting exercises. Place your legs as close to your chest as po[…]

Home market downturn, home sales, compromise, want to r…

Recently, in a forum organized by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Chamber of Commerce, furniture manufacturers, dealers and representatives of the circulation industry were all present. Under the advocacy of the theme of "cooperation and win-w[…]

The magical effect of crystal colorful powder

Due to the needs of the trend of the times and the development of printing technology, the printing surface finishing and processing has shown a diversified and artistic development trend. The original printing and printing silver, bronzing hot silver, film, die-cutting embossing, oiliness ( Or wa[…]

Delicate hands & smooth feet create secrets

Our hands and feet work hard for us on weekdays, so caring for it is not only a matter of hard work, but also a kind of protection for ourselves. I believe that no MM wants his hands and feet to be like dry wood. So be sure to take good care of it! HandCare Give your hands delicate care First-ai[…]