Miniature Corrugated: Emerging New Corrugated Cardboard

Miniature corrugated is a new type of corrugated cardboard, such as F, N, G and so on. Miniature corrugated cardboard has been regarded as the mainstream of the future market for corrugated board packaging because it has the dual effects of better physical properties and printing quality of corrug[…]

Brazilian scientists develop edible packaging materials

Researchers at the University of Campinas, Brazil, are developing a new type of packaging material that not only degrades naturally within 30 days, but is also edible. According to reports from Brazilian media on the 4th, this packaging material is made from starch extracted from cassava and suga[…]

Japan developed a printing press for edible inks

Japan's printing machine manufacturer Masta Ma Yingde recently successfully developed and produced an edible ink printer that prints directly on food surfaces using edible inks. The printing machine uses a printing process that does not come into contact with foods by spraying edible inks. It […]

The emotional effect of product packaging design

Today, when we walk into the mall, we are dazzled by the array of product packaging. However, under careful appreciation, it was also missing, and some of the designs were daunting. I once saw a ham sausage wrapped in a plastic bag. Five ham sausages were packed inside. The whole bag was opaque on[…]

Carton and printing quality

As we all know, the key factors affecting product quality are equipment, raw materials, personnel, and the environment. The same applies to the carton packaging industry. Many companies are commendable in order to create high-quality brands, spare no expense, update equipment, carry out technologi[…]

Label-Aire launches new RFID pressure-sensitive labeler

Label—Aire introduces the new 3115/1i Air-Blow RFID pressure-sensitive labeler. It is reported that the labeling machine contains a number of advanced technologies, including a speed compensation system that can improve the accuracy of labeling. Adding new devices such as product labeling a[…]

Functional high-dot flexo carton technology

Flexo is a new environmentally friendly packaging and printing technology, and flexo is a green packaging product. Due to the advancement of the material industry, especially the advent of polymer resin plate and ceramic anilox roller, the development of water-based ink printing technology, and su[…]