Corn starch water container come out

Recently, a bottle of bottled water made from cornstarch has been decomposed by 100%. It has no impact on the environment. This bottle uses multiple latex acids extracted from corn as a raw material, and then adds a waterproof coating. Maintaining the shape and concentration of the bottle under th[…]

PDF Application Tips - Portable File Format

A few years ago, according to the statistics of the United States Printing Technology Foundation (GATF), 88% of the surveyed printing companies and prepress professionals encountered problems in processing PDF files submitted by customers, and the methods were incorrect. There were 46 of them. % o[…]

Influencing Factors and Failure Analysis of the Surface…

The surface tension of the liquid is the ability of the liquid surface to automatically shrink in the air. For printing, it is as important as the surface tension of the substrate. In the printing, the surface tension of the ink changes more. Gravure inks are liquid inks that are prone to some pri[…]

Traditional Offset and Waterless Offset

Offset printing is one of the most important lithographic processes that are indirect printing. The ink is first transferred from the plate to an elastic medium, the blanket, and transferred to the substrate. The following two methods are usually used to achieve the hydrophilic effect on the plate[…]

Overmolded book cover

Patent name: an over-molded book cover Patent Application No. 2 Publication No. 2650983 Application Date: 2003.09.30 Public Day: 2004. I o.27 Applicant: Dai Zhandong This utility model is characterized in that it includes a front cover film, a middle seam film, a cover bottom film bottom cover f[…]

UV light oil residual odor causes and solutions

Symptoms: Cured prints have a pungent feeling. Cause 1: Incomplete drying and curing. Solution: Reduce the printing speed or increase the power of the light source. Cause 2: Insufficient UV light source or lamp aging. Solution: Replace, select the appropriate light source power. The high-press[…]

The United States developed a successful double-layer w…

The double wine label “WineCard” produced by American Impaq Company has won the favor of many wine producers. The key to double-layered wine labels is the use of high-tech printing techniques. The first layer of labels is glued to the bottom labels. However, this paste is designed duri[…]