The new "Little Swallow" Li Yu is tender!

With the release of "New Fair Princess", Li Wei, the new version of "Little Swallow", has received great attention. Although she and Zhao Wei have big eyes, they give a cute and playful feeling, but classic things. But it can never be surpassed. Li Wei does not have Zhao Weiâ[…]

The change of packaging materials for milk bottles

With the development of China's milk industry from weak to strong, and from small to large, the milk reaching the consumers has experienced a series of face-lifts. The development of science and technology has made the packaging of milk more diverse. , functional, practical direction. In the […]

How to "make up" beggars

The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived. In other words, the annual Parents Day has arrived. What kind of clothes to wear, what kind of makeup to go to see the parents, I believe many MM are not ready yet. Avoid heavy makeup, eye makeup as long as there is God, the color does not need to be too obvious[…]

Correct mistakes to avoid mask face

I often see some MM makeup on the road, which is a bit scary, like wearing a fake mask, but they themselves don't know. In fact, there are many reasons for the "mask face". It may be light, it may be too thick, or it may be too heavy. Let me tell you how to correct the mistake and avo[…]

A large number of SMEs flooded into the wallpaper indus…

The wallpaper industry "smoke smoke"! According to a recent survey of Sina home reporters, the number of current wallpaper companies has ushered in the second growth peak after the mid-to-late 1980s. “At the beginning, from 85 to 88 years, more than 100 wallpaper companies emerged […]

How to buy furniture to identify real materials

When buying furniture, the most troublesome thing for consumers is that the material of the furniture is difficult to understand. How to identify solid wood furniture or wood-based panel furniture, how to look at the logo on the furniture label, how is the industry regulated? There are three main […]

Identifying product packaging is extremely important

The label on the product or its packaging must be truly required to meet the following requirements: There is a product quality inspection certificate; There is a Chinese product name, manufacturer's name and factory address; According to the product's features and application requirements[…]