Double plunger micro pump / medium pressure constant cu…

Double plunger micro pump / medium pressure constant current pump 10MPA Model: H175280-10.00Mpa Flow range 0.10-10.00ml / min Pressure pulsation ≤ 0.08Mpa Pressure accuracy ≤ 0.05Mpa Flow setting error ≤ 1% Flow accuracy RSD ≤ 1 % working voltage 220V±10%, 50/60Hz power 75[…]

Plastic bottles should take the development of industri…

Plastic bottles are a very important branch in both plastics and packaging. They all occupy a large proportion. The bottle blowing machine, blow mold and preform related to the production of plastic bottles, and the sealed caps, sealing membranes, including bottle labels, and plastic bottles recyc[…]

Combustible gas detector installation requirements

Kyushu Space explains the installation requirements of combustible gas detectors When the flammable gas alarm controller is installed on the wall, the height of the bottom edge from the ground should be 1.3~1.5m, the side of the door close to the door shaft should not be less than 0.5m, and the op[…]

European wardrobe, luxurious atmosphere, charming eyes,…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] European style has a strong Western cultural color, its noble, luxurious, romantic, classical characteristics, making people feel like a dream. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, European-style wardrobes have also derived more sub-styles, such[…]

Anti-static moisture-proof cabinet - the impact of prod…

Anti-static moisture-proof cabinet - the impact of production environment on the reliability of power modules Impact of electrostatic protection, humidity, temperature, dust and other factors on the reliability of power modules solution: Ensure that the production environment of the power modul[…]

Determination of blood sugar by o-toluidine method

Principle Glucose is heated and dehydrated in an acidic medium to form 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furanaldehyde. The aldehyde group in the molecule and o-toluidine are condensed to form a cyan Schiff base, which can be quantitatively determined by colorimetry. Precautions The determination of blood glucose b[…]

Vibration test machine purchase experience sharing

Today, based on years of experience, Xiaobian shares with you some tips when purchasing a vibration testing machine: First, the choice of model When purchasing the vibration testing machine, we must first select according to the customer's test requirements, which can be roughly divided into […]