4 questions you should not ask for buying mahogany furniture

Mahogany furniture is the darling of furniture, and the price is undoubtedly very expensive. Therefore, many consumers are also very cautious when purchasing, so they will ask the sales staff a variety of problems. But often consumers can't get a clear answer or the correct answer from the sales staff. Sales will definitely try to get you to buy it. If you tell the truth, you might buy it? Xiaobian has arranged for you to buy four mahogany furniture that should not be asked.

1. Is your furniture colored?

Sales: All are wooden primary colors, not in any color.

This problem makes the salesman very headache. It is definitely not right to say that it is not colored. Most of the furniture is color matching. Say it, based on the consumption habits of the South Paint North wax, consumers are colored 80%. Just don't want it.

In the actual situation of color matching, there may be some exceptions for some manufacturers, but most mahogany furniture will be color-matched because the same piece of wood may have different color gradations, let alone the scarcity of wood, looking for a wood. A piece of furniture is like a needle in a haystack. If you don't match the color, it's hard to see. Even the best process and material do not match the color is not uniform, it will be difficult to see, consumers will not buy (including sandalwood rosewood).

Not only is the color matching, many mahogany furniture wood will have bleaching. For example, the big fruit rosewood or white rosewood, the purpose is the same, so that the mahogany furniture color uniform. The average consumer should not entangle the color is the color of the log, if the manufacturer really gives you the color of the log you will not buy, there are deep and shallow is difficult to see. To ensure the authenticity of the wood, the color coordination is not too far off the mark.

2. Will your mahogany furniture crack?

Sales: No! You can rest assured that our work is very good, the drying process is in place and there will be no cracking.

This is generally said to be a salesperson who does not understand mahogany furniture soon after entering the market. So far, no one in China's mahogany furniture manufacturers has dared to say that their furniture will never crack. The normal point of sale will tell you that mahogany furniture will crack, but this is very normal, just like your online shopping needs to accept the delivery time.

Wood is not a man-made material. It can be artificially controlled. Anyone can't control the texture and woodiness of wood. It is affected by temperature and humidity. The expansion and contraction of mahogany furniture will have more or less cracking and shrinkage.

Therefore, as long as you buy mahogany furniture, you must bear the risk of cracking. What you have to ask is not whether there will be cracking, but rather whether the after-sales service of the manufacturer is in place.

3. Is your furniture old?

First of all, what is the concept of the old material in your mind?

The mahogany material that can be made into mahogany furniture is not a few hundred years or even hundreds of years of history?

I have put this batch of materials for five years, and the other batch has been put for ten years. Can I put it for ten years?

I am dismantling the house materials. Are you talking about old materials? Can the house not be built for a long time?

There is indeed an old material, but can you figure out what is old? Is the old material you defined the same concept as the old material that the salesperson said?

Do you have an answer to this bunch of questions? If you still don't understand, please ask the salesperson about the age of the wood, the time of the felling, the year of placement, the time of production, and the length of time for sale. If the salesperson can say it and be honest, you can buy it. She is not easy.

4. Is this Laos rosewood / Burmese rosewood / Indian rosewood?

This type of question is most common and the most likely to get an incorrect response. The general salesperson will answer "yes".

But is it really? If not, is there a way to verify it? The answer is no!
They are all the same kind of apple tree. One species is planted in the mountain. The apple is picked up at the top of the mountain. Can you tell which tree is long? Except the Himalayas.

The same is the fragrance of Dalbergia, Hainan and Vietnam. You can only tell you if you have the highest timber identification agency in China, and you can't identify the origin. Therefore, if you have the ability to see the origin, you can tell the difference yourself. Ask the salesperson to get psychological comfort. Even if you say the wrong place, you can't do anything about it.

In fact, today's consumers tend to focus on the material and workmanship of mahogany furniture, but if it is not for collection, consumers can also pay attention to the style design of mahogany furniture.
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