5 light-colored antique bricks

Product One: [Asian Tiles] Vintage Brick Original Stone YS Series

Model: YS6320

Size: 600 * 300mm

Thickness: 9mm

Texture: imitation stone

Mall price: 52.94 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The design focused on restoring the antique texture of the stone brick surface, but it adopted a fresh beige color, so that the rough texture merged into the graceful tenderness, and also improved the quality of the brick. Close to the natural feeling, the decoration effect is first-class.

Product Two: [Dongpeng Ceramic Tile] Antique Brick Yasi Series

Model: YF633401

Size: 300 * 600mm

Thickness: 9mm

Texture: imitation cloth

Mall price: 35.25 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: Using silk screen printing technology and convex glaze technology to create a surface texture that imitates high-grade fabrics, the effect is natural and realistic, with refreshing and elegant colors, paving indoors gives people a rustic, nostalgic but not tender romantic feeling.

Product Three: [Dongpeng Ceramic Tile] Antique Brick Mood for Love Series

Model: YF603635 / 45

Size: 600 * 600mm

Thickness: 9mm

Texture: imitation stone

Mall price: 55.80 yuan / piece

Edit comment: The surface of the tile is made of rose and dark flowers on the marble background, and the porcelain making process imitating fashion wallpaper perfectly realizes the realistic texture of the surface texture. The rose pattern also uses convex powder to spray bright glaze to make the pattern have a concave and convex and glittering feeling , Can produce faint and fascinating effects with the change of light or visual angle.

Product 4: [Huida Tile] Hanxiang Yayun Series Antique Brick

Model: G6309

Size: 600 * 600mm

Thickness: 9mm

Texture: solid color

Mall price: 45.57 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: Elegant light gray antique bricks, solid surface with a little roughness of stone, large size of 600 * 600mm paved in the room, can form a powerful unified decoration effect, but still lose the temperament and elegant charm .

Product 5: [Canggu Tiles] Shawana Series Antique Bricks

Model: SA1501

Size: 146 * 146mm

Thickness: 9mm

Texture: solid color

Mall price: 3794.00 yuan / set

Editing comments: The small pieces of off-white antique bricks, together with the space shape, are widely spread on the entire walls and floors, and occasionally decorated with the rich tiles of the wilderness, which can create a light and fresh retro warm pastoral atmosphere.

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