A Comparative Study on Peaking of Gentamicin Sulfate

A Comparative Study on Peaking of Gentamicin Sulfate

1. Experimental method

Cometro high performance liquid chromatography system;

Chromatography column: Inertex C18 150 * 4.6mm, 5μm;

Evaporative light scattering detector (SOFTA M300S): SC 30 ℃ DT 70 ℃ CL 20 ℃; Gain: Normal;

Flow rate: 1.0ml / min, 0.8ml / min, 0.6ml / min;

Sample: Gentamicin sulfate sample 2.5mg / ml;

2. Experimental results

1. Flow rate 1.0ml / min

2. Flow rate 0.8ml / min

3. Flow rate 0.6ml / min

3. Conclusion

It can be seen from the comparison of different flow rates that the best effect is achieved when the flow rate is 1 ml / min when all samples can be completely separated.

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