A large number of SMEs flooded into the wallpaper industry and ushered in a second growth period

The wallpaper industry "smoke smoke"! According to a recent survey of Sina home reporters, the number of current wallpaper companies has ushered in the second growth peak after the mid-to-late 1980s.

“At the beginning, from 85 to 88 years, more than 100 wallpaper companies emerged within three years. The current situation is basically the same as that period. In 2000, there were less than 20 wallpapers, and this year’s end According to incomplete statistics, there are about 178." Yang Pu, chairman of Te Pu Li wallpaper, told reporters.

Jin Baorong, vice president of Rouran Wallpapers, said that China has become the world's second-largest wallpaper consumer and grows at the fastest rate in the world. The sales of wallpapers only account for 5%-10% of the wall, and only 0.08 rolls per person. But unlike the 1980s, there was basically only one production line for a manufacturer in that period, and now there are many companies with more than 20 production lines. This means that the current wallpaper production is several times higher than in the 1980s, and the production capacity is seriously overdone!

A large number of SMEs flooded into the wallpaper industry

When people see an industry scene, they often overlook the technical skills that should enter the industry. Wallpaper is such an industry that requires deep scientific and technological content. The technology content here refers to the production process rather than the equipment. Ren Changqing, executive vice president and secretary general of China Building Decoration Materials Association, believes that many people today are seeing a wave of wallpaper industry, and these people may be able to afford equipment, but they may not know how to make equipment work better. Play its abilities. In this period of market development disorder, these companies are likely to reduce product prices or production costs, thereby sacrificing the quality of wallpaper and bringing the entire industry into crisis.

Yang Pu, chairman of Te Pu Li wallpaper, also believes that the wallpaper industry can not be produced without buying equipment. It must have its own design and samples, and it must be recognized by the market, otherwise it will not be produced. This is also the case that some new manufacturers have just finished The reason why the equipment started to stop production. When new manufacturers want to occupy the market, they embark on the "old road", copy other people's things, and then enter the market at low prices. This will lead to vicious competition, resulting in a decline in the quality of wallpaper and a decline in consumer acceptance.

Yang Yuan, the national operations director of Grammy Wallpapers, said that the biggest problem at present is that many goods are pressed into the hands of OEMs, producers will face a price war of vicious competition, and finally lead to lower prices for lower prices. Quality, hurting the interests of consumers, consumers will also doubt the wallpaper. Now the entire network communication, including the spread of personal life circles, will continue to cause some drawbacks of wallpaper, and will also affect the long-term development of the wallpaper industry.

Brand wallpaper companies are optimistic about the long-term market

Although the industry layout is chaotic, the degree of integration needs to be improved. The market environment is unfavorable, and the volume of real estate transactions is low. Most influential brand companies are still stable and stable, and are less affected by market uncertainty. Some companies believe that the current downturn is only temporary. After all, real estate regulation is only a phased policy. As long as the brand characteristics are adhered to and the difference cards are played, sales can be guaranteed.

Lu Huanzhen, president of Germany Marburg Wallpapers, told reporters that they are already planning for the current status of domestic wallpaper manufacturers, so it is not surprising. As early as 2009, Marburg began to prepare measures to deal with the national real estate regulation and control policies. In 2010, it was predicted what kind of cause and effect would be produced when domestic production enterprises exceeded market demand. It turns out that the market's performance is in line with Marburg's expectations. As everything is planned, Marburg continues to grow and still performs well in the mid- to high-end customer base.

Wu Kai, general manager of Zhanyiyi Wallpaper Co., Ltd. also believes that the doubled increase in the real estate industry in recent years is itself a distorted state, controlled by the power of capital. The real estate control policy that came during this period is very beneficial to the healthy development of the entire industry. "We don't have to do any work this year or next year. It doesn't matter. For the industry and entrepreneurs, it is more than 20 years of development. We have to do more than just business in this life, we have employees, Their descendants must also develop, so we need sustainable development." Wu Kai said.

Raise the barrier to entry or become an industry imperative

In response to the current development trend of the wallpaper industry, industry experts have called on relevant companies to form norms and improve industry entry barriers and product quality requirements. For the security housing market, the wallpaper industry association has formulated relevant product standards, clearly indicating that no one can do a safe housing.

The country has also introduced two new standards that regulate the wallpaper industry. Secretary-General Ren Changqing said that with the rapid development of the wallpaper industry, there are many new types, only on the basis of the substrate, there are paper-based, cloth-based, silk, natural materials-based, etc. The wallpaper standards of different production processes are different. Therefore, according to the technological characteristics of wallpaper development in the past ten years, the standard system of the wallpaper industry is enriched. The purpose is to let participating companies have a standard of judgment for the whole The development of the industry will be a good benchmark.

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