A quick method to determine the permeability of bottles

German SIG Plastics has developed a new method for the rapid determination of the permeability of PET-coated (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles. This penetration tester can test the penetration performance of the bottle within 6 minutes, while the traditional test method takes 4 to 14 days. After exposing the bottle to 50% humidity and 23°C ambient conditions for 60 minutes, the bottle was filled with dry air. The bottle was sealed with a humidity sensor and the gradual rise of water vapor in the bottle was measured. After 200 seconds, the humidity in the bottle rose linearly. . The permeability of the coating was determined by measuring the increase in water vapor within another 100 s. This rapid assay method is still under development, but SIG Plastics is already using it to determine the permeability of the PET bottle coating.

Source: Modern Plastics Processing Applications

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