Anti-static moisture-proof cabinet - the impact of production environment on the reliability of power modules

Anti-static moisture-proof cabinet - the impact of production environment on the reliability of power modules

Impact of electrostatic protection, humidity, temperature, dust and other factors on the reliability of power modules


Ensure that the production environment of the power module is clean and orderly

Have good static protection measures

Install air conditioning temperature control system in the production workshop, dehumidification system to control humidity and temperature

In the current society, AC/DC conversion and DC/DC conversion have gradually become a modular industry, and gradually become various

An important part of electronic equipment and automatic control equipment, AC/DC power supply modules and DC/DC power supply modules

Quality and reliability also greatly affect the reliability, failure rate and maintenance rate of the entire equipment.

Factors affecting the reliability of power supply products include design, process, management, testing, means, and materials.

Faces are the areas of concern for the production and use of power modules. In fact, the reliability of the power module is apart from

To ensure the optimization of various performance indicators, it is also necessary to ensure that the production environment of the power module is clean and orderly.

Good static protection measures, with proper temperature and humidity, only power modules produced under such conditions

It is truly a reliable power supply.

With the continuous advancement of society, electronic equipment plays a role in industrial production, transportation, communications and other fields.

Increasingly, the reliability of electronic equipment determines the effectiveness of various economic activities to a certain extent.

Running, and the cost of the power module in the electronic device is very low, but it can be called the "heart" of the electronic device.

Failure of the power module directly may cause paralysis of the electronic device, causing irreparable damage.

Static electricity can cause power module components to fail

Components in the manufacturing, storage, transportation and assembly process, due to the relative operation of equipment, materials and operators

It is possible to generate an electrostatic voltage due to friction. When the device is in contact with these charged bodies, the charged body will pass through.

The device is discharged, causing device failure.

Most modern integrated circuits use MOS circuits, and most of the power modules use MOS tubes and integrated circuits.

Road chip. Failure to pay attention to static electricity protection during the production of power modules often leads to higher component rejection rates.

Even after passing the tested products, it is possible to use MOS tubes and integrated electricity due to static electricity during the manufacturing process.

The chip causes minor damage, which affects the life and reliability of the power module. Introducing static in the production environment

Electric protection system (using anti-static grounding of human body, anti-static grounding of floor and operating device, anti-static connection of instrument)

After the grounding method, the damage to the MOS tube and the integrated circuit chip can be effectively avoided. Electronic Components

Anti-static damage is a complex system engineering that runs through the entire process of system and equipment development and production. From

Component procurement, packaging, transportation, inventory, installation, commissioning, testing, and user use, the whole process, all-round,

All members should follow a series of related measures for anti-static loss. Protection is a system engineering, there must be equipment investment,

The input of personnel and effective management and systems. It can be seen that the quality of an ESD system directly reflects

The quality management level of a company is a manifestation of a company's strength.

Humidity should not be too high or too low

Moisture can penetrate into the porous material, causing leakage path between the conductors, generating oxygen, and moisture absorption of the parts to make the insulation

The resistance is reduced and the isolation withstand voltage is reduced. However, excessive drying can also make certain materials brittle, rough, and even produce

Static electricity, so the production environment will have a certain impact on the reliability of the power supply.

Most power modules are produced by soldering components to small PCB boards (printed circuit boards) and then small pieces.

The PCB board is potted with a resin into the outer casing. In the production process, such as high humidity in the production environment, especially in the southern rainy season

At the time of the knot, the moisture in the air will condense on the PCB board and components, even when it is potted with resin, it is defoamed by vacuum.

The process removes air bubbles and does not remove moisture from the PCB and components. When the power module works at a higher ambient temperature

At the time, the moisture on the PCB board and components vaporizes and expands, causing cracks in the power module and breaking the internal transformer line.

Or introducing external moisture, corroding components inside the power module or causing short circuits inside the module. For isolated electricity

When the pressure is high, the moisture on the PCB board and components will also reduce the isolation capability of the power module, even causing the initial

The breakdown between the secondary has serious consequences.

Too low humidity will also cause too much dust to float in the air, affecting the quality of the power module. Too low humidity will also be caused by people

The person's walking generates an electrostatic charge, which may cause electrostatic damage to the component even through the protection of the electrostatic protection system.

Or soft breakdown, resulting in the same consequences as before.

The introduction of air conditioning systems and dehumidification systems in the production environment can maintain the humidity of the production environment at an appropriate level.

Avoid adverse effects on power module reliability due to moisture condensation or excessive air drying.

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