Arctic Fox Fjallraven kanken classic outdoor sports backpack from Northern Europe

From the previous few New Year's recommendations, I always wanted to introduce this backpack because of her literary sense from Northern Europe.

If you look closely, many people around you are carrying this backpack, including our own. (Forgive me for failing to show everyone today)

Fjallraven is the leading high-end outdoor brand in Sweden, the Swedish royal family brand, and the only outdoor brand that has won the Swedish royal family award. His family's products are exquisite workmanship, known for its retro appearance, durable fabrics, and exquisite workmanship. Fjallraven (Swedish Arctic Fox) brand has been established for over 50 years and has a global sales network. Among them, the classic Kanken backpacks and G-1000 outdoor clothing are all popular products on the market.

Due to the Nordic national winter hunting tradition, its products are mainly based on hunting. Its KANKEN backpack has been popular in Sweden and the Nordic region since the 1980s. With the popularity of retro fashion in recent years, the KANKEN package has begun to receive a lot of favor from fashion, film and television, and it has become increasingly popular around the world.

The appearance of the Quartet has become a unique style of the KANKEN package, and the colorful colors add fashionable elements to its retro style.

Although only ordinary nylon shoulder straps are available, the special W-type body strap plus a vertical gravity-sharing design can prevent the deformation of the backpack under gravity and the excess force on the shoulders, which in some cases reduces the burden. The upper hand strap provides another type of backpack carrying method for the backpack, which is also the current appearance of many fashionable backpacks.

The KANKEN package uses Vinylon F, a naturally lightweight, lightweight, lightweight, wear-resistant fabric that does not degrade its water resistance after multiple washings. It also has a quick-drying property in addition to mild water resistance.

Did her attracted by the stars attract you? Anyway, Xiaobian must start with a ~

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