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Can travel in the wild enjoy home-like warmth? Can you drink hot tea at the top of a frozen, snowy mountain? The answer is: "Of course!" Wild stoves, barbecue grills, and wild tableware will give you a good spring.


Korean Pro-giant barbecue grills are divided into two types: single-eye and double-eye. It can be folded and placed in a matching portable box (the size of the box is only 50CM long, 25CM high, 23CM thick), very convenient, and it is also very suitable for traveling by car. It sells for 261 yuan and is charged.

Universal furnace

Sweden's Primus brand furnace has received expert recommendations from the American backpacker magazine Himalayas. Its available fuel types are white gas, regular gasoline, kerosene, diesel, alcohol, and gas. It is the world's only available gas, gasoline, and alcohol stove. In its HImalaya type, the gas type is 1,430 yuan, and the non-gas type is 1,150 yuan.

Field furnace dedicated to gas tanks

Primus yellowstone (Yellowstone series) field furnaces in Sweden are only gas tanks with a removable draft shield (about 10 cm in diameter) and can be folded in small bags. Some of these stoves are charged and ignited, and some are small. The price is between 290 yuan and 520 yuan.

Wild coat pot

Korean Pro-giant brand pots are made of aluminum alloy. It is divided into 2 to 3 people, 4 to 5 people, and 6 to 8 people. The number of pans varies from 2 to 6 pieces. Generally, there are bowls, cups, spoons and other utensils and corresponding lunch boxes. In particular, a non-stick pan with a diameter of 25 cm is also provided. The most common 3 to 4 people use the 3 piece pot, priced at 260 yuan. Its greatest feature is its ease of portability, and it is small when it comes to putting it together.

Gas tank: The gas tank is tasteless and easy to use without preheating. When climbing or in tents, it is better to use gas tanks on plains, high altitudes, polar regions, etc. This is safer because some liquid fuels are not easily combusted at a certain height. However, its disadvantage is that it is not easy to carry, and gas tanks are purchased in stores, which are more expensive, at about 40 yuan/230G, and can be burned continuously for 2-3 hours (medium fire).

Gasoline: Gasoline smells, and when you use it, you must first inflate and pressurize it. Warm up first. However, the use of gasoline is cheap, economical, and burning time is long (530 ML can burn for seven to eight hours). It is particularly suitable for driving out, because the oil is easy to find. Oil tanks are divided into 530ML and 750ML, the price is about 100 - 200 yuan.

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