Can the ridge and sleep be combined? !

Perhaps it is because the work pressure is too big, and often I have insomnia and dreams, and my back is sore. When I finished a premature aging test, the author has not calmed down, and people want to be 18 years old forever! Therefore, immediately listening to the advice of friends around me opened the fitness program.

The effect is not bad. After the exercise, you can sleep in the night and say goodbye to insomnia. However, sports are also affected by many factors, such as: fitness clubs burn money, outdoor sports are limited by weather, after the exercise, the painful sequelae, there is no time to exercise after an overtime appointment! How is it good? Sleep and spine health really can't have both? Is there no way to get me out of the bitter sea of ​​insomnia and sore back? ! When this state came out, the circle of friends fell out of the sky, and a school sister who had not seen and enjoyed the fun for a long time despised me deeply. She said, can't be good to yourself, talk about how to love yourself, sleep and ridge only need a healthy mattress!

Still guarding the old bed to live?

A quarter of a person's life is spent in bed, but the bed is the most easily overlooked place. People who are keen on changing phones, changing clothes, and changing bags may have difficulty replacing one or two mattresses in their lifetime. A mattress can accompany us through early childhood, adolescence, strong years, and even the old age. It is accompanied by us and we are old.

Mattress and sleep

The older generation usually thinks that the hard bed is good for physical development, but there are also some people who think that the soft bed is comfortable to sleep. In fact, the hard and soft beds are not good beds, long-term use will have a bad effect on the spine, which is one of the culprit "sleep more tired". However, an ordinary mattress should be soft for 80 kg people and hard for 40 kg people. Therefore, a mattress should be adapted to different people, and its material, especially the inner spring and filler, is essential.

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Bring back to the new bed and sleep well!

The American Jinkeer mattress, known for its health and comfort, has a history of more than 100 years since its inception. It is a well-known international brand. Even though he has become a leader in the mattress industry, Jin Keer has not stopped its footsteps. From the beautiful appearance to the excellent quality, Jin Keer has teamed up with the International Chiropractic Society ICA to create the most healthy ridge bed in history. pad.

American Golden Coco Mattress

Honeycomb-style three-zone independent pocket spring with cloud-type comfort layer, natural latex plus breathing hole sponge. Jinkeer mattress provides people with the best support and support effect. The spine stays straight during sleep, relieves stress and relaxes naturally. The spine problem is easy to go without a trace.

Good sleep and good spine are sleeping out, bring gold to go home, sleep in the easy to protect the ridge, really a big home artifact!

(Author: Lin Xi)

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