Careful maintenance can reduce the degree of deformation of the wooden door

Wood door deformation has become a common problem that plagues consumers, and many families hesitate to choose. It is understood that the deformation of the wooden door can not be avoided but can be alleviated, and multiple factors should be considered in the choice of purchase.

Due to the use of wood processing, the flat area is large and the fixing points are small, and the wooden door becomes one of the most decorative woods which are most prone to deformation and cracking.

"It is impossible to absolutely not deform." The staff of the wooden door industry said that many wooden door enterprises will reduce the deformation problem by means of secondary drying, etc., and consumers can also solve it by adding metal frame and sealing strip. In addition, some of the newer materials, such as "longitudinal and three-dimensional integrated materials", have certain anti-deformation functions.

In addition, the staff advised consumers not to just stare at the “deformation problem” when purchasing wooden doors. The current trend is more about the green environmental protection of the wooden doors and additional functions, such as sound and moisture.

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