Chinese scholars discovered that Sialin-mediated cell membrane nitrate transport channel

Nitrate is an inorganic substance widely existing in nature. In the 1980s, scholars found that the body can produce nitrate endogenously. Although the relationship between nitrate and cancer has always been an important area of ​​concern for scholars, recent studies have found that the human body can reduce nitrate, convert it to nitrite and nitric oxide, and play an important physiological function; how does the body transport nitric acid The function of the salt is unclear. The Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS) published on July 9, 2012 the important progress of research work in this field by the research team of Professor Wang Songling of China's Capital Medical University and the research team of the National Institutes of Health and Beijing Cancer Institute.

Nitrate (NO3−) circulating in the body and nitric oxide (NO) produced by reduction of nitrate (NO3−) to nitrite (NO2−) play an important role in maintaining the balance of nitrate ions and nitric oxide throughout the body Function, 25% of nitrate in the body is absorbed and secreted by salivary glands into saliva and enters the gastrointestinal blood circulation. Previous studies by Professor Wang Songling of Capital Medical University have shown that the parotid gland is an important organ for the body to regulate metabolic nitrate. After 10 years, the research group used salivary gland model organs, through cooperative research at home and abroad, based on in vitro cytology, animal experiments and disease patients caused by Sialin mutation and the control group, found that Sialin (SLC17A5) is the salivary gland cell membrane nitrate Transport channel; further studies confirmed that nitrate transported by Sialin can be converted into nitric oxide in cells, and confirmed that Sialin is widely expressed in important organs of the body including brain, liver, kidney and spleen, which may have potential Physiological significance and clinical application prospects. The function and clinical significance of nitric oxide produced by nitric oxide synthase in cells are well known to scholars, but nitric oxide produced by synthetase in cells under hypoxic and acidic conditions is significantly reduced, and it will start NO3 − The -NO2−-NO system produces nitric oxide to maintain cell function. This study is the first to discover nitrate transport channels in mammalian cell membranes, which play an important role in the metabolism of nitrate in the body and in maintaining the steady state of nitrite and nitric oxide. The above research results were completed with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 30430690) and other scientific research funds.

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