Contemporary super metropolis piled up by Lego toys

Is Dubai? Is Hong Kong? Still New York, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver? Or are all the above cities?
Photographer laird kay created the "Lego City" series, focusing on the invisible line between the fictional building and the real building. The series is very styled, and the tall buildings in the picture are made up of many huge toy bricks, which are like the most populous super metropolis on the planet.
The high- definition Lego Toy City looks like a michael wolf shot in Hong Kong last year, with high-rise buildings everywhere, like Dubai under the daniel cheong lens, skyscrapers towering into the sky, these contemporary urban landscapes give people a sense of indifference . “The city used to be the result of collective will, the embodiment of our will to shape and control the environment, and the concentrated expression of everything in the city,” Kay said. “Today, they are more about brands and images, such as the application of plastic materials. For example, 'Lego City', they are no longer designed for the long-term, but for fashion, they can be demolished at any time as the fashion trend changes. 'Lego City' expresses the lack of community in the process of shaping contemporary cities. ."

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