Correct mistakes to avoid mask face

I often see some MM makeup on the road, which is a bit scary, like wearing a fake mask, but they themselves don't know. In fact, there are many reasons for the "mask face". It may be light, it may be too thick, or it may be too heavy. Let me tell you how to correct the mistake and avoid becoming a "mask man."

Correct the mistake, avoid the mask face

Apply a thick foundation to the entire face

Mistake 1: Use the foundation as a concealer, apply a thick foundation to the entire face. Correction method: Select the color of the foundation - partial concealer 1. First choose the foundation color that can be completely integrated into your skin tone, concealer plaster than foundation Light one color number.
2. Take a small amount of foundation and apply it from the center of the face to both sides.
3. Use a moisturizing eye concealer to evenly pat open around the eyes and spots.
Mistake 2: For a long-lasting makeup effect, use the powder after the powder and correct the method: Massage a good skin quality - lightly push the foundation - honey powder hand warm makeup 1. Good skin quality can make the makeup last longer, before makeup When skin care, it is necessary to massage the face with an upward movement, because the skin has a memory and has a pulling effect.
2. Apply the liquid foundation gently from the center of the face to the sides, and strive to make the foundation fit.
3. Pour the honey powder into the palm of your hand and gently grind it with a puff. The heat of the palm will soften the powder and then slam onto the face. This is the best makeup.
Mistake 3: If you want the eyelashes to be thick, apply mascara quickly after using the mascara base solution. Correction method: Mascara base solution - Eyelash combing - Mascara 1. Apply mascara liquid from the root of the eyelashes. Too thick.
2. After the mascara cream is dry, comb the eyelashes neatly to avoid sticking the eyelashes.
3. Apply mascara and apply eye-tail lashes to the eye.

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