Corrugated cardboard industry


When two different concentrations of solution (or solution and pure solvent) are separated by a semipermeable membrane, the dilute solution (or solvent) diffuses (or transfers) through the semipermeable membrane to the concentrated solution. In the paper industry, it refers to the effect of the cooking liquor spreading through the surface of the wood chips.

Osmotic pressure

The permeation pressure of the solution occurs. It is equal to the mechanical pressure applied to the original solution to prevent the solvent from entering the solution. The thicker the solution, the greater the osmotic pressure of the solution. vice versa.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds Shape will be different with fauxwood venetian blinds, The width can be make it to 5 Meter, There are two open operate style, for the small window that you can choose single open operate style vertical blinds, for the large window that you can choose double open operate way style. you can just open one side, another side you can close when you don't want to the sunshine through into the full house. it is not only safety, but also operate convenience. In the Summer, make the house more cool, In the winter, make the room more harmony.

Vertical Blinds

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