Cosmetic bottle packaging needs improvement

Cosmetics We know that there are often three to five years of shelf life. In addition to water, lotion and other commonly used items, in fact, a lot of cosmetics will stay long in the hands of consumers. Although the shelf life of cosmetics is long, in the circulation process, cosmetics bottle packaging has a great influence on the shelf life of cosmetics, which requires our attention.

First of all, of course, the problem of the sealing of the cosmetic bottle caps is to avoid the cosmetics during the transportation process because the sealing of the cosmetic bottle will be threatened. Once the sealing is not strict, the bacterial invasion will harm the products. The second thing is of course after the cosmetics are opened. When the cosmetics are opened, exposure to the air and the external environment will inevitably be harassed by bacteria, so later on the market appeared vacuum cosmetics bottles and other packaging. At the same time, cosmetic bottles can also be affected if placed under high temperature conditions.

Therefore, to solve the cosmetic bottle packaging from the outside intrusion, with the current manufacturing technology and materials for cosmetic bottle packaging, there are still many places that need improvement.

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