Cost-effective solid wood wardrobe to create a stylish and healthy bedroom space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] solid wood wardrobe because of the expensive style traditional single, ordinary consumers generally do not consider, but in essence, the current solid wood wardrobe is not only beautiful in style, affordable, and healthy and environmentally friendly, but also a durable consumer goods, accompany you After more than ten years or even decades, it is very reasonable to calculate it carefully. You have to have a reason. Let's take a look at the following two solid wood wardrobes. Can you conquer us?

American wardrobe

Modern solid wood wardrobe

Reference price : 3000 yuan

This wardrobe style is very unique in its own style, exquisite and delicate details polished, beautiful fashion style, humanized design, the overall size ratio of the wardrobe is very coordinated, such a wardrobe can always be in every detail Showing an extraordinary temperament. The solid wood material makes the texture of the whole wardrobe very clear, and the natural color makes it look better. And its price is only 3,000 yuan, which is relatively cost-effective.

Wardrobe design

American style wardrobe

Reference price : 5000 yuan

The price of this wardrobe is 5,000 yuan, but it is very expensive. The color of the entire surface is very pleasant, so people will feel very relaxed and comfortable, even if it is used for a long time, there will be no problems such as color loss. High-quality materials, no odor, feel smooth, even if the nails are accidentally crossed over, there will be no traces left, and such high-quality wardrobes, I really want to move them home.

Comments : The price of these solid wood furniture wardrobes is a bit more expensive than the price of the general material wardrobe, but they are absolutely expensive, there are reasons, every detail can touch us, the perfect quality can not be replaced.

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