Cute teacher Yang Yulin skin care weight loss tips

Whitening Skin Care: Focus on cleaning and makeup

Yang Yulin admits that she is also very prone to acne, seeing a lot of female artists with smooth skin, my heart is envious. When it comes to skin care, she said: "In fact, I don't have many skin care products, but I pay attention to cleaning and makeup. Because artists have to make makeup often, these two points are more important than anything else. Never let the pores clog." Before whitening skin care products, she will use exfoliating products first, so that the whitening ingredients can be better absorbed, and it is easier to apply.

She advises that you do not change cosmetics frequently and find a suitable one. Don't listen to others and use it for other reasons. Because cleaning is not maintenance, frequent conversion will only make the skin uncomfortable. In fact, the mask was only used two years ago. In the past, only the lotion was used to moisturize, but the makeup artist said that it is not enough. If you stay up late and the weather changes, the skin will dry out. Therefore, her mixed skin, but also use some products with low oil content.

Breast Enhancement Tip: "Green Papaya" is a must

Yang Xiaolin of the baby face always feels that she has not yet matured, but she did not expect that the first endorsement of the advertising product is actually a breast-feeding nourishing drink - "green papaya four things drink", the old flat-breasted girl shows a plump sexy body It’s really amazing!

In the face of rumors of breast augmentation, Yang Yulin said innocently: "I did nothing, just ate a lot of green papaya!". She said that she is a girl with a chest retardation. After she entered the show business, she was afraid that the bust would affect her star journey. She began to use her various green papaya dishes to help her "fill the chest", from cold greenwood to green papaya. Stewed pork ribs, I hope that one day she will become a "papaya girl"; finally Huang Tian will not bear the pains of the people, she really "bigger"! Even my mother said very proudly: "My daughter is really getting bigger and more and more like a woman!"

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