Drink bottle common caliber specification

Beverage bottle refers to a PET plastic transparent bottle used to hold beverages.

Portable is because the size and capacity are relatively easy for us to carry daily, the bottle size is easy to take, the capacity is not much more than a lot of pour out about two bowls, in line with people's daily consumption, so it is called portable.

Here are some of the commonly used specifications for a few areas related to me, there are 25mm 28mm and the new favorite 35mm.

The 25mm caliber bottle has a long history of use. It can be traced back to Coca-Cola's use of PET bottles, which are commonly found in soda bottles or mineral water bottles.

28mm native to 250cc bottle, now also widely used in portable (pressureless) bottles, as if the production line filling more efficient, or from the British (1 inch = 25.4mm) to the metric derivative, common in fruit and vegetable beverages Bottle or water bottle.

35mm caliber bottles are gradually used more recently. I also appreciate and recommend the caliber bottle of this specification. As shown in Figure 3 above, the 35mm caliber bottle is basically the same except for the bottle mouth. Increase the bottle mouth to bring greater health care to consumers, consumers in drinking small caliber bottles of beverages, not a few people will open mouth to cover the bottle mouth to drink, especially very common in children, this is Inadvertent habits, this approach will cause the following two obvious health risks:

1 Drinks that have been taken into the mouth due to the need for space exchange within the bottle, will flow back into the bottle with the bubbles and mix with the original drink; 2 When drinking on the head, the drink will not be intercepted and flushed into the throat directly. Drowning, coughing.
Can a large caliber be full? Even if only a few people are full of habits, but it is no longer so easy, so it is worth recommending

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