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Patent name Easy-openable package Patent applicant Unijia Co., Ltd. Principal applicant Address Inuit invention Koizumi Kobayashi, Japan; Saito Yoshikazu; Sugiura Koki Application (Patent) No. 200510079069.9 Date of application 2005.06.22 Award date Auditing Announcement No. 1712323 Approved Announcement Date 2005.12.28 Manual Disc No. D0552 Main Classification No. B65D77/30 Classification No. B65D77/30 Division Original Application No. 2004.6.23 JP 2004-185542 Abstract The present invention discloses an easy removal of contents. The package body. The packaging body (100) is composed of a film (110) made of a flexible packaging material, and a cutting line (111) is provided on the surface of the film (110) so as to be formed inside the cutting line (111) from the package body ( 100) Take out the openable area (150) of the contents. In addition, a cut line (112) is provided in the openable area (150). When the cover material (120) is peeled to cover the openable area (150), the cut line (112) makes the openable area (150) easy. Since it adheres to the cover material (120) side, an opening part is reliably formed. Sovereignty Item 1. An easy-open package consisting of a film-like flexible packaging material and a content packaged from the above-mentioned flexible packaging material; wherein: a cutting line is provided on the above flexible packaging material to form a package for taking out from the above package In the openable region of the content, the lid member peeled off from the flexible packaging material adheres to the surface of the flexible packaging material so as to cover the openable region, and a fragile processing process is provided in the openable region of the flexible packaging material. Fragile Department. International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agencies China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office Agency Address Agent He Tengyun

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