European wardrobe, luxurious atmosphere, charming eyes, carefully selected from the table and inside

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] European style has a strong Western cultural color, its noble, luxurious, romantic, classical characteristics, making people feel like a dream. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, European-style wardrobes have also derived more sub-styles, such as European pastoral style, Jane European style, modern European style, etc. These styles of wardrobes have the unique charm of European-style wardrobes, because they are subject to Many consumers love, then what should we pay attention to when choosing a European-style wardrobe?

European wardrobes come in a wide variety of materials, such as oak, walnut, mahogany and other materials, but also special expensive, using the old teak known as European redwood. At present, the real European wardrobe is not much. A large number of domestic brands use solid wood frames, plus MDF, precious wood veneer or mold-making. Therefore, when purchasing a European wardrobe, be cautious.

1, look at the shape and craft

European wardrobe purchase

Hand-carved products are more vivid than the mechanically engraved products, and therefore have a very high value. Many craftsmanships have been passed down for hundreds of years, with unique skills and a strong culture. Nowadays, the number of hand-carved products by famous teachers is extremely limited, and the value of their wardrobes naturally rises. Top European wardrobes such as Italian silk, Silky British stvilla Setvina, etc. often use round carving, openwork, bottom embossing and other carving techniques naturally blended, handmade, works full of dynamic, and machine carving products are completely different. Has a high investment collection value.

2, look at the wardrobe culture

European wardrobe style

The value of the investment collection of a wardrobe with a deep cultural heritage is quite different from that of an ordinary wardrobe. The wardrobe of a rare piece of wood, hand-carved and finely crafted, is like a beautiful piece of art, and its collection value is incalculable. European wardrobes are derived from European culture, and imported products are the first choice for collectors. Only the European-style wardrobes from the country of origin have the true European style and the connotation of European culture. The art standard is used to make the product, so its appreciation space is also optimistic.

3. Wood resources

Wardrobe buying skills

The better the wood, the more expensive the wood, the higher the value. The scarcity of precious wood resources is an indisputable fact, and the growth cycle of precious wood is generally several hundred years, and the resources cannot be satisfied for decades.

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