Exploration and Thought on Packaging Engineering Education (I)

[Abstract] This paper discusses the characteristics and main direction of the packaging engineering, analyzes the knowledge structure and teaching system of professionals in the discipline, and puts forward some thoughts and suggestions for the process of talent cultivation.
Keywords: packaging engineering; characteristics of disciplines; personnel training. CLC number: TB48; G642 Document code: B Article ID: 1001-3563 (2003) 04-0177-02

Exploring and Thinking on the Education of Packaging Engineering
CHEN Bao-lin
(Xihna University, Chengdu 610039, China)
Abstract:This paper dJacusses characteristic and direction of packaging engineering subject,analyzes the structure of knowledge and the system of curricum for talent of packaging engineering, and puts forward some thinks and proposals to the process of the train.
Key Words:Packaging engineering;Characteristic of Subject;Train for talent

1 Discipline characteristics and professional orientation of packaging engineering

The packaging project is based on packaging science and packaging engineering. It integrates a variety of natural sciences and social sciences. It is a new multi-discipline comprehensive discipline. At the same time, it is a combination of technology, engineering, art, humanities, and economy. System engineering, its professional content includes packaging materials, containers, decoration, printing, machinery, technology and technology, testing, circulation and management, regulations and other aspects of the theory and application, it is the development of the packaging industry, an important discipline basis.
The packaging industry directly serves the packaging industry, and the packaging industry, for its part, is an industry that designs and manufactures various packaging products and their auxiliary materials. The objects of packaging are products, which are relying on, supporting, and serving the major industries of various sectors of the national economy. There is no product to mention packaging; on the other hand, the protection functions of packaging and social awareness functions (promotional functions) are also promoted. The survival, development and progress of various industrial sectors. It can be said that products without packaging are not modern commodities, and the diversity of product types, forms and characteristics determines the diversity of packaging materials, structures and forms. Therefore, the subject areas, professional contents, and application fields covered by the packaging project have determined that it is a discipline with a high degree of comprehensiveness, a wide range of professional calibers, and a wide range of applications.
Although the content of the packaging engineering research is very extensive, the ultimate goal and object of the engineering application is the packaging product. Therefore, the packaging system design directly or indirectly around the packaging product should be the main and core of the packaging project. Packaging system design is a creative conception process for the overall formation of packaging products. It mainly includes the form, structure, and decoration design of packaging products, as well as the selection and application of materials that must be considered in the design of packaging products, the formulation of packaging technologies and processes, and the quality of products. Control, selection of packaging machinery, supporting and technical transformation of packaging factories, product marketing, management, etc. The narrow sense of the packaging design is based on the packaging form, structure and decoration-based design, it is only a packaging system design level.
General higher education advocates the development of compound talents with solid foundations, strong abilities, and high overall quality. In terms of their professional qualities, the cultivation of compound talents is generally based on a broad academic base and strong analytical and application abilities. The knowledge structure of the plastic packaging system and the creative and comprehensive thinking process followed by the packaging system design are conducive to the cultivation of compound talents. Therefore, many domestic institutions of packaging engineering talents cultivation plan, many of them are based on packaging system design as the main direction of professional, of course, according to industry demand for a certain talent and the actual situation of the school, does not rule out some of the packaging system Some of them are: transport packaging, sales packaging, packaging materials, etc., as the main professional direction.

2 Knowledge Structure and Curriculum System

The knowledge structure of any subject subject and student should be based on the training objectives, subject characteristics, and professional orientation of the subject talents. For the packaging engineering major, if it is determined that the packaging system design is its main target, the main body of the research is packaging. The dual function of the product (protection function and promotion function) determines that professionals should at least have the relevant theoretical and professional knowledge of packaging engineering and packaging art as the main body of the knowledge structure. At the same time, they should expand the necessary humanities, social sciences and Economics, management knowledge.
The protective function is the most basic and most important functional requirement in the functional system of packaged goods (especially for transport packaging). The technical means for accomplishing this type of function mainly depend on the natural science theory and applied technology based on packaging engineering. Therefore, Basic courses such as mathematics, mechanics, engineering graphics, mechanical design basics, and electrical engineering basics are indispensable for the establishment of basic courses, and packaging technology, packaging structure, packaging materials, and packaging machinery should be taken as important professional courses. The social awareness function (promotional function) of packaged goods is mainly manifested in different packaging forms and artistic expression forms. To cultivate students' creativity and design ability in this area, it is inseparable from the necessary fine art foundation and aesthetics, and at the same time, the plane constitutes. , three-dimensional composition, packaging design and decoration design are indispensable professional foundation and professional courses. In addition, packaging engineering as a system project can not be separated from the analysis and research of packaging objects (goods), use objects (consumers), society and the environment in the design, manufacture, sale, circulation, and use of packaging products. Therefore, some extended and expansive courses such as: Food and Drug Packaging, Merchandising, Sales Psychology, Ergonomics, Packaging and Environment, Packaging Standards and Regulations, etc., are used to develop students’ thinking and establish an overall view of design. It is necessary.
Computers are an indispensable means and tool for modern design and information exchange. Computer basics and design applications should run through the entire theoretical and practical teaching process. This has been agreed by everyone. Public basic courses are required courses for all majors. Lay the foundation of the overall quality of students, but in terms of content, form, and allocation of hours, according to the characteristics of different disciplines and professions, starting from the purpose and effect, take a certain degree of flexibility, do not need to be stereotyped.
According to the traditional model, a professional curriculum system consists of three parts: public basic courses, professional basic courses, and professional courses. However, such a system is difficult to judge and embody the interrelationships among various courses. It is a comprehensive discipline with wide caliber and large knowledge capacity. In accordance with the viewpoint of systematics, the interrelated subjects and courses should be integrated into multi-disciplinary groups or curriculum modules to form a distinctive (subject) curriculum system that is organically linked to each other so that more rational arrangements and organization of teaching can be achieved. According to the above discipline characteristics and talent knowledge structure, the opponent packaging project can integrate the packaging structure, packaging technology, packaging materials and packaging machinery and their corresponding professional basic courses into engineering technology modules, and package the packaging, packaging, decoration and packaging printing and The corresponding art foundation curriculum is integrated into the art design module. The above two modules are the core part of the packaging system design, embodying the dual nature of packaging, and packaging courses, packaging ergonomics, packaging and environment, packaging standards and regulations. , can constitute the third module of the packaging project, is the extension and extension of the core part.
(To be continued)

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