Find new ideas! Recommended kitchen daily necessities within 200 yuan

1. Kitchen Storage

1. New multifunctional knife holder of Xinya Piaoxiang Creative Home

Product size: 26 * 14 * 31.5cm

Reference price: 28 yuan

Comment: This kind of stainless steel knife holder can put both the knife and the cutting board. The design is scientific and innovative. To a large extent, it saves space on the cutting board. At the same time, it can also hold cups, chopsticks, spatula, etc., which is very practical. Oh.

2. Suction wall stainless steel storage basket

Reference price: 18.90 yuan

Comments: The stainless steel storage basket is very durable, and the hanging design also allows those bottles and cans to no longer take up poor table space, simple and practical. You can also put different positions according to your own preferences, which is very user-friendly.

3. Denmark Menu stainless steel seasoning ball

Reference price: 230 yuan / piece

Size: 4.5cm in diameter

Comment: The designer designed the spice ball into a spherical shape, like a tumbler. The bright shell is very beautiful. It attracts attention. It can bring you unique fun when eating and cooking.

2. Kitchen Cleaning

1. The magical rubbing of Klin

Reference price: 7.84 yuan

Comments: The Klein Wipe, invented by Klinle Co. of Korea, is a cleaning sponge composed of fine particles. It uses physical super adsorption to clean stains. Moreover, you can cut it as you like, after washing the stain and drying it, you can use it afterwards, which is both affordable and convenient, and is a good helper for home cleaning

2. Axe brand detergent

Specification: 1.3kg + 1.3kg

Reference price: 38.5 yuan

Comment: This dishwashing liquid has strong cleaning power and good taste. It is a good value choice. It is rich in vitamin E hand guards. It is clean and does not hurt your hands. Guarantee.

3. Kitchen Safety

1. smock apron

Reference price: 9.90 yuan

Comment: This kind of apron is fixed with a knot on the back, which protects the upper body from oil and water stains in an all-round way, is hygienic and clean, and is very cute.

2. Insulated piglet hand pad

Reference price: 5.10 yuan

Comment: The method of use is to put your hand in it and fold the piggy hand pad in half. Whether you eat freshly baked food or take a hot dish in the microwave, it can be completed successfully. The cute piggy hand is convenient and practical.

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