Five old-fashioned girls need to pay attention

Five old parts, girls need to pay attention
Five old-fashioned girls need to pay attention

For girls, spending a lot of time, energy and money on skin care, in order to stay young and make you look young and beautiful. Then you should pay attention to the skin care that you want to look young, the most old parts of the five girls, the eyes, the skin, the neck, the corners of the mouth and the hands.

Here are some tips for the maintenance of these prone to the body parts:

1. Should pay attention to eye moisturizing and smooth blood, but not too many massages

When the skin is dry, the fine lines on the eyes become noticeable. It is important to use eye cream and night cream for moisturizing, but it should be noted that excessive eye cream and night cream may cause fine lines and pigmentation. Use a ring finger to gently rub a few times while rubbing the eye cream and night cream. People who are prone to dark circles should pay particular attention to the lack of blood in the eyes, mainly due to the unevenness of nutrition and fine lines and slacks. It is recommended that MMs can apply hot towel and eye massage.

2. Should pay attention to skin moisturizing and eliminate edema, don't forget shoulder care

A large amount of lotion can be used to moisturize and moisturize the skin. However, it should be noted that skin care should pay special attention to edema. If the skin is swollen, the skin will be dragged by the residual moisture, causing the skin to relax. People who are prone to shoulder acid should also pay special attention to the lack of blood in the shoulders and neck, which can lead to poor blood on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate edema and muscle stiffness.

3. Care for the skin while not forgetting the neck care

The neck can be covered by makeup unlike a face, and it will become old once it has fine lines. When applying facial skin, apply lotion, beauty lotion, moisturizer, etc. from the palm of your hand to the neck. In addition, the edema of the neck can not be ignored, the swelling method is to massage 10 times with a moderate force from the lower part of the ear to the clavicle, and finally stimulate the finger with the finger in the "clavicular lymph node" of the clavicle recess. That's it.

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