Fly ash and waste plastic composite new material

With the rapid development of China's national economy, waste plastics and fly ash have caused serious "white pollution" and "black pollution," endangering people's quality of life and restricting the development of the national economy, and have become a worldwide public hazard. After many years of painstaking research, the research team conducted in-depth study on the blending of various waste plastics and fly ash with different ratios, particle sizes, synergistic effects of auxiliary agents, on-line reaction processing, processing conditions, and special processing equipment. Take advantage of these two types of solid waste to develop high value-added products: The city has successfully developed water supply and drainage covers, wells, tree pools for urban greening, and plastic building templates.

At present, most of the urban water supply and drainage manhole covers and other facilities used by the municipal departments are made of iron, which is easily corroded, has poor stability, is easy to clam, and is severely lost, thus creating a “road trap”. Traditional manholes waste a lot of steel resources, causing considerable economic losses and very bad social impacts to the country each year, seriously affecting the good image of a city. The results of the well tool made of fly ash and waste plastic composites, its mechanical properties have reached the same type of cast iron products, and has exceeded the National Ministry of Construction promulgated (CJ/T121-2000). As more than 90% of waste materials are used, the cost is low and the economic effect is significant, which is 10-20% lower than that of similar cast iron products. And there is no theft value, to prevent the loss, there is a strong market competitiveness. In addition, in line with the theme of municipal construction, we can develop a variety of inspection well covers, wells, green trees, etc., as well as different uses of luminous signs, to better reflect the theme of science and technology, green, humanities city .

Fly ash and waste plastic composite new materials can be applied to a variety of inspection covers, drainage pools, tree pools; highway guardrails, slope protection board, isolation piers; building wall wall pipe, construction pipe, plate and so on. This technology is of great significance to reducing pollution, turning waste into treasure, recycling resources, protecting the environment, realizing the recycling of resources and the sustainable development of China's national economy.

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