From the dried meat to mountaineering boots "backpackers" commented on the top 11 outdoor equipment reading>>

The famous American outdoor magazine "Backpacker" editor passed a professional evaluation plus the vote of netizens and selected 11 pieces of backpacker's solemnly recommended outdoor essential items, ranging from hiking boots to dried meat.

Salomon Lightweight Hiking Shoes

Salomon hiking shoes are a perfect mix of light and streamlined. Whether it's on the snow-covered gut trails of the Alps or on the pits of villages, the reviewers think that as long as you put on these shoes, there is no difference.

Coarse design on the surface of the shoe improves the stability of the writing, while the soft interior provides a comfortable environment for the foot. The asymmetrical body structure design can reduce the swelling of the sole of the foot caused by long walks, and the unique foot pad design fits. Arches, relieve fatigue, and also have the effect of waterproofing to ensure the interior of the shoe is dry and warm.


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