Furniture enterprise triple jump incarnation industry integration priority

I have a dream, from operating the industry to building an industrial park to integrating the industrial chain. Wang Xinrui , Chairman of Fuward Industrial Co., Ltd. , expressed his "industrial integration dream." Under his leadership, Fuward developed into a comprehensive industry integrating steel, furniture, trade, industrial real estate development and operation. The company has annual sales of 1.7 billion yuan, including annual sales of furniture of 130 million yuan, making it one of the largest manufacturers of metal glass furniture in the country.

The spirit of Fuward's entrepreneurship can be summed up with “shoulder mission, pioneering and enterprising, and innovation”. Its development has been through the deep processing of raw materials, the construction of industrial parks, and the investment of steel and finance logistics centers. The three integrations are both Fuwod enterprises. The transformation and upgrading, breaking through the triple jump of the bottleneck of manufacturing enterprises, is also the epitome of Shengfang furniture industry cluster product upgrade, industrial upgrading, and gradually moving towards the world.

First-class jump: deep processing of raw materials, starting Fuwode furniture brand

At one time, Shengfang metal glass furniture left the impression on the industry's merchants: the industry level is low, there are many “big road goods”, many imitation products, and many low-end products. This has become a bottleneck restricting the development of industrial clusters. As the market changes, the urgency of corporate transformation and product upgrades is highlighted, and many raw material manufacturers have keenly discovered the market opportunity for deep processing of raw materials. After careful consideration and detailed investigation, Wang Xin, a senior economic consultant of the government, has developed an idea of ​​extending to market terminals. In 2005, Langfang Fuward Industrial Co., Ltd. was established, dedicated to the raw material deep processing industry, making full use of the low cost advantage of Shengfang raw materials, deep processing of steel and other raw materials, and then producing metal glass furniture.

Now, with its own design capabilities and resource integration capabilities, Fuward has transferred its products to other supporting companies for production and assembly. It is responsible for grasping standards, processes and operating brands, and has broken the bottleneck of manufacturing enterprises. For example, Fuwod has signed a number of outsourcing factories in Shengfang and Tianjin to undertake the processes of baking paint and plastic spraying. These outsourcing factories have certain production and technical advantages in this process and can fully comply with the requirements of Fuwode. produce. Thanks to strong resource integration capabilities and advanced management models, Fuward has become a famous brand in Hebei Province in just a few years.

Second-level jump: creating an intensive, supporting industrial park

“Why should we invest in the construction of industrial parks? Because in the process of production and operation, we have seen the necessity of Shengfang Metal Glass Furniture Industry to develop into a park.” Wang Xinxin’s chairman talked. In order to achieve industrial support, Fuward and Bazhou Economic Cooperation Zone Management Committee jointly invested and developed a 31-square-kilometer economic cooperation zone, taking metal furniture manufacturing as the leader, linking steel processing, glass manufacturing, sheet metal processing, and mechanical processing. And other industries and circular economy development models to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries.

In 2007, Fuward invested in the construction of Shengfang Furniture Industrial Park with a planned area of ​​2,700 mu, a total investment of 5 billion yuan and a total construction area of ​​1.35 million square meters. The first phase of the project covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters and has 21 standard workshops. Currently, 16 enterprises from Guangdong, Beijing and Shengfang are stationed. The 330,000-square-meter factory building of the 180,000-square-meter plant and the industrial park pioneering park project of the second phase of the industrial park has been put into use in the past two years.

The construction of Shengfang Furniture Industrial Park is a new initiative of Wang Xinxin's chairman to explore the prosperity of Shengfang furniture industry, and is also the result of demand from foreign markets. When Wang Xinxin explored the international market, he found that foreign customers pay more attention to the production process than the product itself. However, many metal glass furniture enterprises in Shengfang have low design and planning grades, and industrial production lacks standard processes, which cannot meet the needs of foreign customers. By leading enterprises into the park, we can achieve intensive management, improve enterprise support, reduce logistics costs, enhance overall influence, promote the development of industrial clusters, and enable Shengfang metal glass furniture to enter the international market.

Triple Jump: Joint Central Enterprise Investment Steel Finance Logistics Center

In recent years, Shengfang has become an important metal glass furniture distribution center in the world. It has won the honorary titles of “China Metal Glass Furniture Industry Base” and “China Furniture Excellent Industry Cluster Award”, and “Shengfang Manufacturing” has launched a brand in the world.

Shengfang metal glass furniture is also facing the problem of transformation and upgrading while being popular all over the world. In order to meet the growing demand for metal glass furniture market, Shengfang needs a comprehensive modern steel financial logistics center with large scale and advanced supporting facilities, integrating logistics information, electronic trading platform, financial pledge, transaction, modern warehousing and professional processing and distribution. .

In 2010, Wang Xinxin began the big move of industry integration, and decided to invest 5 billion yuan to build a 1750-acre Hebei Shengfang Steel Financial Logistics Center. At present, Fuward has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Oupu Steel Logistics Co., Ltd. and China Railway Materials Co., Ltd. From operating the industry, to building an industrial park, to investing in the steel financial logistics center, a battle led by Fuward to promote the prosperity of the steel and furniture industry is taking place in Shengfang.

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