"Gansu Calendula deep processing technology and product industrialization development" passed the acceptance

On January 10, the High-Tech Research and Development Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized experts in Lanzhou to conclude the Gansu Calendula Deep Processing Technology and Product Industrialization Development of the Western Action High-tech Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertaken by the Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Question acceptance. The expert group is composed of experts from Tianjin University, Lanzhou University, China Pharmaceutical University, Northwest Normal University, Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Northwest Plateau Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The relevant person in charge of the High-Tech Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and scientific research management attended the meeting.

Researcher Shao Shijun of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics made a project conclusion report and reported the project research background, target tasks and main achievements, work organization and implementation, future research work assumptions, and expenditures to the expert group. The expert group reviewed the project acceptance materials such as the acceptance report, financial final accounts and audit report on site, and inquired and discussed related issues. After discussion, the relevant work results obtained by the project reached the assessment indicators specified in the mission statement and agreed to pass the project. acceptance.

Calendula (marigold) is a wild flower plant rich in carotenoids and yellow pigments. It has been successfully introduced and planted in large areas in northeast, north and northwest China. Calendula is a green renewable resource that has important economic value and can be developed and utilized. It is rich in extremely precious yellow pigment components and antioxidant functional factors-lutein esters and lutein (Lutein) carotenoids, and Quercetin marigold flavonoids can be used as important pharmaceutical intermediates (eyesight, anti-myopia, prevention of age-related macular disease) and functional natural food additives (colorants and antioxidants).

The expert group believes that the project uses modern advanced extraction and separation technology to deeply research and develop the advanced preparation technology and core technology of green natural colorants, functional food additives and pharmaceutical intermediates of Gansu Calendula yellow pigment and lutein, Combined with the industrial foundation of planting and processing of characteristic plant resources of Calendula officinalis in Gansu, researches on extraction, refining, structural characterization, and stability of high-purity yellow pigment and lutein were carried out to solve the problem of poor water solubility and no It is stable and easy to be oxidized. It realizes simple, efficient and rapid separation and purification of yellow pigment and lutein, and obtains high-purity yellow pigment and lutein products. Developed Calendula Lutein Fuwei soft capsule product and conducted a pilot test.

The research results have broken through the technical barriers for deep processing of marigolds, solved the key technologies for the preparation of marigold yellow pigment and lutein, mastered the core technical parameters, and the overall achievements have reached the international advanced level. The research results are helpful to promote the healthy and stable development of Gansu Calendula planting industry, extend the industrial chain of characteristic resource processing and utilization, and develop green industries, which is of great significance to the adjustment of the agricultural industry structure in the western region and the sustainable development of the regional economy.

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