Gravure image color processing technology methods and methods (3)

6. Color processing. Color processing is the key to the success or failure of intaglio color image reproduction. Because the current screen color and gravure proof color cannot achieve “what you see is what you get”, there is a big gap in some color gamuts such as blue and blue systems. Therefore, in the color processing, the screen color shall not prevail. The inks used in the gravure printing, the ink on the surface, or the inks with different characteristics, such as Tianlan and Taohong, should be based on the colors expressed on the EOPP film. With reference to the chromatogram printed by our company, the screen color is used for reference, and the focus is on the dot value data to configure the color. In the production practice, we should summarize the experience, collect the experience, and find out what color gamut exists the error, and then compensate for it when we tint.

Standards for color processing: (1) First, the principle of true color is mastered, which means that it is accurate compared with the actual color; (2) Every effort is made to make the digital proof color after the color match the color of the customer's draft, and the gravure after the electronic engraving. Ink proofing color to catch up with the digital proofing color, the accuracy of the color reduction of the two reached 95% to 98%, some color even better than the color draft; (3) try to meet people's heart color requirements or customer requirements for color. It is not only true to the original color of the product, but also meets the requirements of people's hearts and colors to achieve the commercial effect of color.

The use of photoshop software color correction tool to adjust the color should pay attention to two points: (1) should be adjusted once the color Y, M, C, after adjusting the secondary color R, G, B; (2) do not use the choice of color correction tool adjustment Duplex, because the complex color belongs to the gray system, if the school color tool is used to adjust the complex color, the total amount of color is large and the color correction effect is small. Excessive color correction will seriously affect the change of the color system. If you want to use it, you must use the lasso tool to adjust the complex color you want to adjust.

7. Artistic treatment. Artistic re-creative processing and fine processing are necessary for the production of high-quality gravure printing products. If there is no better than manuscripts, artistic processing and fine processing that do not satisfy people's hearts can not cause emotional resonance between buyers and product manufacturers. It is not a good quality printmaking. Therefore, in order to better represent the physical color characteristics of various commodities, on the one hand, according to people's subjective visual heart color dissolved into the operator's adjustment design, the important color of the screen for artistic treatment, that is, a modest exaggeration The rendering of the color highlights the heart's effects to match the visual real effects perceived by the human eye. The second aspect is not simply to adjust the color saturation, but to sublimate to the normal proportional relationship that correctly handles color according to the principle of color distribution. Bright and dark relationship, warm and cold relations, highlight the three-dimensional sense of physical shape, sense of space, sense of importance; three aspects do a good job to repair the particles of the original, Dao, dirty, uneven and other ills, to achieve clean, smooth, delicate, refreshing The effect of making people look at beautiful and realistic images will evoke the desire to purchase. This requires the operator to have a high degree of judgment and understanding of objective physical colors, as well as mastering the configuration of colors.

The author worked on some of the above-mentioned three aspects of meticulous artistic re-creation processing and meticulous technical processing in a number of plate-making companies, and produced many high-quality products. Not only were they highly praised by many domestic customers and graphic designers, they saw digital proofing and gravure printing. After the proofs, it is considered that, like the envisaged effect, it is deemed to be a fine product in the current gravure packaged product. Moreover, it was praised by some foreign customers in the United States, Japan, and other countries, and considered it comparable to their similar products. At the same time, these products are all successful in gravure proofing, and they are really good and fast.

Fourth, color processing methods and essentials

The process of making and printing gravure color packaging products is, in the final analysis, the process of color reproduction. The most fundamental aspect is whether the image processing technology of the plate-making company is excellent and whether it can bring out the satisfaction of customers and exceed the expectations of customers. Image color. Because the customer first looks at the color of the image is good or bad, bright is not bright, compared with the color draft, the color does not look like, with the colors he hopes inconsistent with the color to assess the quality of the plate. At the same time, in the packaging art, it is often said that “look at the colors, look at the flowers first, look at the colors, look at the flowers, and see the seven-point color three-point flower”. This fully shows how important it is to handle the colors of the packaged products. Therefore, from the perspective of practical application of business ideas, the point of view of the limit of gravure printing art theory and the point of satisfying people's heart color requirements, combined with the color characteristics of commodity packaging products, in accordance with the principle of color distribution, according to the law of gravure printing arts to carry out color processing. Overcome many current operators are just watching the screen color casual, blind color, sometimes lemon tones into orange color, resulting in back and forth again and again. Therefore, it is important to master the 10 methods and methods of color processing.

1. Color saturation processing. How to match saturation is an important part of color processing, because customers are demanding that the color of their products be saturated, even to an excessive degree. In fact, when dealing with the same amount of color can be compressed or the loss of a part of the color, based on the strengthening of the other part of the color, sometimes to maintain the balance of the saturation of all colors, should be based on the original content and the subject color and preferred processing, and master The following points:

1 depth of basic colors to do enough.

The solid color blocks, such as red, green, blue, etc., are used to design patterns and logos that do not require the depth of basic colors. The general customers require thick, heavy, and bright colors. Therefore, 100% of the 100% site should be used to fully realize the maximum effect of the maximum solid density of the gravure ink. If it cannot be made 90% or 95%, even though 90% or 95% of the dots will be printed, Expanded to 100%, but this is not the same as the effect produced by 100% on-site printing. 90% of the outlets only reach the field density in 90% of the dot areas, while the expanded 5% or 10% of the areas have ink, but the ink is thin, and the density cannot reach the density in the field. Therefore, visually, 90% Or if the 95% dot gain is increased to 100% ink density, it will not be as thick and bright as 100% solid density.

2 Maintain the depth of the basic colors.

(A) The dot value range of the basic color depth is 65% to 90%, and more than 80% is the area where most of the gravure network points are expanded, and it is easy to create hierarchical levels.

(B) For the basic color in this area that needs hierarchy, under the premise of emphasizing the saturation of the color patch in the field, attention should be paid to maintaining the depth in the basic color, and the depth in the basic color cannot be caused by emphasizing the saturation of the density in the field. Hierarchical and hierarchical, can not pay attention to the depth of the basic color, and affect the lack of saturation. To deal with the essentials, we must reduce the basic color of the required level to a moderate degree, so that it can be distanced from the density of the field, so as to achieve the effect of the totality of the two.

3 The basic color of the intermediate tone area is sufficient.

The tone value of the outlets in the middle tone zone ranges from 35% to 65%. This is the main part of the object image and is a key area for handling good colors. It is important to emphasize the adjustment of the basic color of the object to the optimal saturation. The essentials are to deepen the 5% or so on the basis of the amount of color needed for the hue to highlight the visual effect of the object's color. Such as safflower, its bright midtones M color needs 40% of the color, can be deepened to 45%, so that red is more saturated and bright.

4Footlights in highlights and highlights.

The highlights of A highlights range from 1% to 10%, and the effective color tone of gravure stamps is 5% to 10%. Extremely light colors below 5% are lost due to the transfer of gravure dots.

The tone tone range of the B-lighting zone is from 10% to 35%. High-light areas and highlight areas are one of the key areas of color processing.

The color quantity of the above two parts is caused by the three reasons, resulting in lack of color quantity. First, the poor transferability of the gravure printing process affects the dots; the second is the influence of the light quantity level and color quantity during scanning; Due to the designer's concern for increasing the contrast between the highlights, the highlights and highlights of the high-profile areas are seriously deficient, and the light color in this area is the center of attention, which is often not noticed by the operators, resulting in many products being faded. The hue is not saturated or even lost. Therefore, to consciously deepen the basic color of this region's light shades, it should be based on the amount of color needed to deepen the color depth of 5% or so, such as pale pink flowers, the M color needs 10%, should be deepened to 15 %, so that pale pink full. A key technical point here is to distance the lightest basic colors from the extremely bright or white paper. Such as light yellow, pink, light cyan, light green and other basic colors for deepening, so that both can show a pale tone full. It can also make highlights stand out. This is one of the technical secrets that makes the gravure printing products fine.

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