Han Xing Jin Suzhen maintenance cheats iron is very important

Star Jin Suzhen bright and beautiful skin care cheats iron is very important

Home essential oil care

As an entertainer, Jin Suzhen does not have time to go out to do SPA, borrow some essential oils for home care, massage the feet and chest after boosting the circulating massage oil every day, so that the legs standing for a long time can be avoided from poor blood circulation. The problem.

Iron supplementation is very important

Because Jin Suzhen often works in the field, the diet will not be normal, and the environmental pressure is generated, it is easy to lack iron, and iron is very important for women, so she often drinks some nutritional supplements, so that the body naturally supplements nutrition, like the column grass drink is Naturally made beverages, rich in vitamins and oranges, rosemary, lemon balm, sage, rose fruits, etc., can stimulate blood circulation, enhance blood formation, relax nerves, promote digestion, Anti-inflammatory, purifying body function.

Eat less, drink more water

Jin Suzhen said that in order to maintain the brilliance and brightness in front of the camera, her most common maintenance method is to eat less and drink more water.

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