How to break the water shortage in autumn and winter

The weather is dry and cold in autumn and winter, and water shortage will be the biggest problem facing the whole body skin, so moisturizing and hydrating will run through the skin care theme of these two seasons. However, the degree of water shortage and the situation in different parts of the body are different. The moisturizing and moisturizing should also be “adapted to local conditions”. The following teaches you to start from various parts, and solve the problem of dry and dry skin in autumn and winter.


Chapped lips

The lips need to keep rubbing their lips. When they leave the lip balm, they feel insecure.

Magic moisturizing measures: After washing your face every night, fully massage the entire face, including the lips.

If the lips have been cracked and peeled, apply the cleaning film to the lips for about 3 minutes after the ring massages the lips, so that the massage oil on the lips can be fully absorbed, and then you don't need to wash it off, you can keep the tender and sexy. Lips. When you are out, or when you are out, don't forget to stick your lips at any time.

Don't avoid: Even if your lips feel dry, you can't use mouthwash to moisturize.

Dry eyes

In the afternoon, I felt that my eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, my eyes were itchy, I felt unconsciously rubbing my eyes, and I felt the feeling of running in the eyes. It was easy to shed tears.

Magic Moisturizing Countermeasure: Apply the cornflower crystal dew to the cotton pad, apply it to both eyes, and reverse the 360 ​​degree of the eyeball. When working for two hours, let the eyes rest fully, not only effectively eliminate dryness and fatigue, but also for vision. The reinforcement is also helpful.

* literacy tips:

Jinglu: It is a by-product of extracting essential oil. Because the output is much larger than the essential oil, the price is relatively cheap. And it is easy and safe to use. Do not consider the formula, dosage, etc.

Dry face

After washing my face, I felt that my cheeks were so tight that it was difficult to speak, and I tried hard to support the fine lines of my cheeks.

Magic moisturizing measures:

After washing your face every night, fully massage your face. The base oil 5CC was blended with a total of 5 drops of essential oil to prepare a facial massage oil in this ratio.

Gently massage the face, wash it off after massage or wipe off the excess oil on the face with a tissue to maintain a long-lasting moisturizing and anti-drying effect.

Suitable base oils are: evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil, cranberry oil, jojoba oil.

Suitable essential oils are: frankincense, sandalwood, patchouli, Roman chamomile, sweet orange blossom, rose.

Dry hand

The wrinkles of the hand skin increase, the fingerprint on the inside of the palm becomes clear, and the white lines appear, and gradually peeling off when it hits the water.

Magic Moisturizing Countermeasures: After showering every night, massage the massage oil with your hands.

After the massage, put on cotton cloth gloves and let your hands rest. If you need to do something, please put plastic gloves on the cotton gloves. It can quickly moisturize the skin, not only to avoid cracking, but also to restore the hand to white and soft.

Dry foot

The skin of the heel of the sole of the foot is thickened and hardened, and the cracked texture appears slowly. The skin of the sole of the foot becomes thin and wrinkles appear.

Magic moisturizing measures: moderate exfoliation, use bathing, or foot bath, use pumice stone, gently put the hard skin parts formed on the sole of the foot, gently massage, remove necrotic keratin, use the pebble-grinded sole, remember Be sure to apply cream after washing! From the foot massage to the calf, the skin of the skin will be soft and transparent, not peeling and cracking.

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