How to choose the nutritional supplements for the devil's body

    To create the devil's body, not only rely on training methods to shape a muscle, but also other materials, such as supplements. There are many kinds of tonics, and each has different effects. It is suitable for fitness enthusiasts at different stages, so choosing the right muscle products is the key!


  Glutamine can not increase, but also prevent atrophy

Taking time: 20 minutes before exercise or 20 minutes after exercise

Why add: Its focus is on preventing muscle atrophy. Because high-intensity training interferes with the immune system , glutamine levels rise and decomposed hormones are released within 5 minutes of the initial training period . But the bad news for the trainers does not end here, even if the training is behind a muscle, it will release glutamine, causing muscle loss, cell dehydration and so on.

Note : Glutamine has the effect of promoting rapid cell division. It not only promotes normal cells, but also some mutant cells, such as cancer cells, will be enhanced, so it should not be consumed for a long time.

     Branched chain amino acid

Taking time: 30~60 minutes before training or 30 minutes after training

Why add: When you exercise a lot, the speed of protein synthesis will also accelerate the decomposition of the protein, while the branched chain amino acids constitute almost 1/3 of the muscle protein, when you want to train a stronger, more powerful body, in the cell It is necessary to stimulate and energize your muscles horizontally, so you must take branched-chain amino acids to prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss.

Note : Branched-chain amino acids must be taken 30 to 60 minutes before training or 30 minutes after training to promote muscle regeneration and synthesis.

     Protein powder, repair damage, the more "injury", the stronger

Taking time: 30~40 minutes after exercise

Why add: It can help you repair muscle cells that are damaged by high-intensity exercise, cause muscle protein breakdown, and even over-recovery, so that muscles grow. Explicitly explained, the principle of muscle growth is that you exercise to destroy the protein tissue in your original muscle, thereby stimulating it to grow. It’s like you take the root steel pipe, and you will smash it and fold it. Is it better to weld it with new welding than the original one?

Note : Do not eat protein powder on an empty stomach, otherwise it will be consumed as a general "heat-producing food". Also, do not eat with acidic foods at the same time, because it will form a clot when it meets the protein powder, affecting digestion and absorption.

     Creatine is as excited as a chicken blood

Taking time: 30 minutes after exercise

Why add: It strengthens your muscle phosphate system and boosts your explosiveness. Most athletes experience a strong explosive force after taking it, which allows you to withstand more intense training and longer training time, so that your body can withstand large weight stimuli, so your muscles will come The bigger.

Note : During use, you must drink plenty of water to help it play. In addition, it cannot be taken with products containing ephedrine, steroids, and insulin.

Nitrogen pump, not only the meat, but also the glutinous

Taking time: 30 minutes before exercise

Why add: The nitrogen pump is the precursor of nitric oxide. Simply put, it can bring more oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the cells, so it is beneficial to increase muscles. When using nitrogen pumps during exercise, it can improve the congestion effect, which is what everyone calls "bursts." To be a devil muscle man, not only meat, but also have muscles, it can satisfy you! But remember, if you don't eat it, you will see the level of sebum.

Note : Do not use high blood pressure and heart disease.


( Photo from Yingao ENC Bodybuilding Salon )

    Testosterone, muscles, muscles, strength, rely on that endurance

Taking time: Take as directed by your doctor

    Why add: It is a steroid hormone, the adrenal gland also secretes a small amount of testosterone, which has the effect of maintaining muscle strength and quality, maintaining bone density and strength, refreshing and improving physical fitness. The muscle-enhancing "assimilating hormone" is artificially modified from testosterone. The action of androgen is weakened, and the muscle-enhancing effect is retained or enhanced, which can make the body achieve absolute breakthrough in strength endurance and muscle circumference clarity in a short time. . However, in a formal sports competition, taking this medicine is illegal!

Note : After stopping the drug, it may cause the testicles to shrink, no longer secrete androgen, and even affect fertility, so these drugs should be used under the guidance of professionals.


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