How to increase the new elements of plastic bottle design

M&H is well known in the bottle-making industry for its plastic bottles for health and beauty products, and there are few new designs for appearance. Alex Piagnarelli, vice president of sales and market research at M&H Plastics, Va., said: “In the bottle manufacturing field, the US market rarely sees new ideas and innovations, so the bottles produced in Europe will be innovative. The shape and design style have successfully entered the US market, giving new life to existing packaging standards. Recently we have seen a square bottle that will bring people back to the early era of nostalgia."

The simple style of the bottle body design has always occupied the first place in the hearts of many designers. Mr. Piagnarelli said: “As more and more products are made of pure natural ingredients, we can see a trend in which the bottles are all expected to use clear materials to clearly display the contents. Therefore, PVC, PETG and PETE materials The demand for manufactured containers is increasing."

Ms. Jenifer Brady, vice president of sales and marketing at Brad-Pak Company in New Jersey, also agreed with this view. She said: “For the natural or translucent plastic bottles, our requirements are getting higher and higher. Compared with packaging, The inherent quality of the product is more important.With the maturation of PET materials and the diversification of color, more and more companies have successively invested in the production of PET plastic bottles. The current PET bottles cannot be distinguished if you do not touch them with your hands. Out of glass or plastic."

Mr. Dave Spence, president of Alpha Plastics, St. Louis, MS, USA, said: “Now many companies are replacing their glass packaging with plastic bottles. As a result, there is an increasing demand for plastic glass packaging, especially those with a glassy texture. Even feel, but with the advantages of plastic material".

Due to its inherent advantages, thick-walled PET plastic bottles are the best packaging materials to replace glass bottles. Dr. Matthias Rebhan, General Manager of Rebhan GmbH & Co.KG in Germany, said: “Compared with glass bottles, its outstanding advantage is that it is not easy to break, even if it is thrown to the ground, it will not be brittle. No matter what shape or color, PET bottle The production flexibility is very good. In addition, the multi-layer plastic bottles produced by the co-extrusion blow molding process are not only highly ornamental, but also have strong filling and impermeability."

O.BERK Co.'s various cosmetics bottles and boxes

Standard type plastic bottles can be customized in a variety of formats to meet user requirements through different decorative effects and closure combinations. Mr. Steven Nussbaum, marketing director of cosmetic packaging group at O.BERK Co., NJ, said: “If your company is just starting out, you must pay attention to inventory and labeling issues. As the company grows, you can gradually add patterns to the bottles and Text decoration to improve product quality and quality."

Mr. Nussbaum added: “In the field of traditional tubular packaging, tubular packaging bottles are becoming more and more popular. They are characterized by stable filling quality and are particularly suitable for small batch orders in the form of stocks. The size of the tubes can be designed according to customer requirements. Tubular packaging The advantage is that it can be placed upright on the shelves and the products are easy to use after they are taken home."
As Mr. Piagnarelli said, “Convenient use is still the user’s first requirement. Tubular bottles can hold the product upside down in the container. Consumers can use the product whenever they need it, quickly and easily. We’ve been researching and developing The better-feeling resin, like the co-extruded HDPE material, can give the package a softer feel to the touch. This material is best suited for bath products because existing common bottles often produce slippery problem".

Different styles of cover

From the viewpoint of capping, most of the caps that can be seen in the market are colored, smooth and well matched with the corresponding bottle style. Injection molding other colors is another trend of the bottle cap, with two optional colors, so that the bottle cap looks more colorful.

Mr. Vicki Wittmer, market analyst at Berry Plastics, Indiana, said: “From the beginning of last year, the appearance of goods packaging and the eye-catching colors and characters have become a development trend, and this trend will continue.”

In addition, manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products are also urging the improvement of traditional packaging styles and hope to adopt more uniquely shaped closures. Mr. Dave-Lapp, global business manager of Owens-Illinois home and personal care products company in Ohio, said: “Customers are looking for a package that will give them a different appearance, such as two colors, two materials, hot stamping. The natural style is very popular, and the bright, bright colors of the packaging will gradually leave the shelf.

Brad-Pak's new bottle body is equipped with a patented bottleneck ring, easy to use

Over the years, the design of the bottle body and lid has undergone many innovations, but in terms of the bottleneck style, there has been almost no change since the 1980s. Now, a new type of bottleneck was born. The unique design is a patented bottleneck ring named Brad-Pak, which can accurately pour liquid and keep the bottle clean. The invention was inspired by Bra-Pak's True Pour® glass bottle with a 28-430 bottleneck pour spout. The company's Mr. Brady said: "We are very willing to meet the needs of customers with a new and unique product, this bottle is accurate when pouring liquid. Patent bottleneck ring can be installed on any size bottle, also applies to Standard cover."

Produced from glass and plastic and produced by Plastique Micron, Quebec, Canada, this bottle is an ideal container for perfumery and essential oil processing industries.

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