How to "make up" beggars

The Mid-Autumn Festival has arrived. In other words, the annual Parents Day has arrived. What kind of clothes to wear, what kind of makeup to go to see the parents, I believe many MM are not ready yet. Avoid heavy makeup, eye makeup as long as there is God, the color does not need to be too obvious, then brush two smudges of blush, create no makeup, the skin looks white and clean, the most beautiful makeup, the most like mom!

How to "make up" beggars

The base makeup can be used directly with BBcream. The focus is on the look: it looks like a very natural light-weight makeup. It only uses BB cream and high-gloss products to create a natural foundation. cream and skin color primer are adjusted together in a 4:1 amount to suppress the grayish feeling. And use the fingertips to absorb, a large area from the cheeks from the inside out.
Step2. T-shaped, easy to be sun-dried by the sun, painted on the eye, will be thicker.
Step3. In the direct exposure to a small amount of bb cream, use the point to push open to increase the degree of concealer.
Brighten the Step with Highlights 4. If the eye is still dull, clean it with bright toner.
Step5. Pearlescent powder is easy to overdose with a puff. First, pour the amount into the palm of your hand. After the powder is evenly covered with the palm of your hand, cover the whole face and press the powder. For obvious lines and pores, you can use a puff to apply a little powder, but the same thing should be done in the palm of your hand.
Step6. Use the lightest color to brighten the darkest color of the disc to brighten the eye socket, and wipe it along the bottom of the brow. Finally, in the light color, you can make your eyes not swell and full of luster!
Eye makeup earth color eye shadow safest eye makeup focus: earth color eye shadow is the safest, eyelash eyeliner should be clean.
Step1, brown painted eyes concave. The pearlescent light coffee eye shadow is smudged from the corner of the eye to the corner below the brow, while the lower eye is connected to the upper end of the eye at the 1/3 end of the eye. The pearlescent color is brushed horizontally from top to bottom in the center of the eyeball, so that the luster is horizontally elliptical so that it does not destroy the dark shadow of the eyelid. The color is soft and the color is on the cheek and lip cheek & lip makeup. Focus: powder is tender and tender.
The shadow highlights the cheeks of the cheeks: the brush touches the color from the hairline to the arc below the laughing muscles, and the fleshy face can be filled with the swelling of the cheeks from the hairline to the chin. Cover the lip color with a moisturizing nude lipstick. Don't apply lip gloss. Because the lip gloss is good in fluidity, it is easy to make the color tone uneven.

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