In addition to static electricity knowledge in life

In addition to static electricity equipment company, we will introduce some little knowledge about how to remove static electricity and static electricity in our daily life.
1, with a wooden comb, moisturizing hair. Hair combs are used on the hair and conditioners are used when shampooing to eliminate static electricity.
2, maintain the indoor temperature. Static electricity is not easy to produce. It is best to use a humidifier in the winter season. Flowers and grass can also be placed to avoid static electricity.
3, floor, wall, ceiling, etc. use anti-static materials.
4, eat more vegetables, fruits, yogurt, drink plenty of water, while adding calcium and vitamin C, in order to reduce the impact of static electricity.
5, try not to put or put less household appliances in the bedroom. In this way, it is possible to prevent the human body and the electric appliance from generating static electricity at a short distance and touching the static electricity. It is better to watch television at a distance of 2 to 3 meters from the television.
6, use the "third party" to eliminate static electricity. In order to avoid static electricity hits, small metal devices (such as keys), cotton rags, etc. can be used to eliminate static electricity by first touching the doors, door handles, faucets, backs, and bed rails that can cause static electricity.
7, with pure natural fabrics. Use natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, and silk as far as possible for underwear, sheets, quilts, etc. Try not to wear or wear home textile articles and clothing of chemical fiber texture.
The above introduction to these people in addition to static electricity and anti-static knowledge, hope to give us all the role of anti-static in daily life.

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