Inkjet printing technology and application

Since drupa 2004, ink jet technology has attracted more and more attention, and its application fields have become increasingly widespread. As the first choice for hard copy technology for digital inkjet, digital proofing, digital printing, digital photo printing, and home and office output systems, inkjet printing systems are It has been widely used in production and has bright market prospects. The IT Strategy survey report shows that by 2008, the market demand for large-format inkjet printing products will double in 2003. By 2008, 3.3 billion square feet of material is expected to be used for inkjet printing, and the market’s relative sales value is expected to increase to US$5.13 billion.

Inkjet printing plays an important role in the following industrial areas:

First, the application in small area:

1. Home and office areas Inkjet printing equipment can be divided into small, medium, and large format ink jet printers. Small format (below A3) inkjet printers as home and commercial equipment, sales in the global market reached 29 billion US dollars in 2002, including hardware, ink and printing materials. It is estimated that by 2007, the sales of small-format inkjet printers worldwide will reach 43 billion US dollars.

2. The field of color digital photo printing In the area of ​​small format, color digital photo printing requires very high color quality and resolution, but the imaging speed is generally required. This area has grown with the popularity of digital cameras. This kind of system requires a small format, generally below A4.

II. Application in areas above medium format:

1. Inkjet technology is applied in the field of digital proofing The effect of ink jet printers has been close to the printing effect, and many publishers output proofs in this way. Digital proofing is digital imaging and can be very stable. Experts predict that ink jet printers will replace offset plate proofing and thermal transfer proofing.

2. Inkjet technology is used in the inkjet field At present, all large-format indoor and outdoor displays, advertisements, posters, etc. are mainly produced by inkjet imaging, inkjet printing provides a fast and efficient solution for this market.

3. Applications in the field of digital printing Digital printing currently consists of two mainstream systems: electrophotographic (toner) and inkjet imaging. Applications include variable data printing, publications, personal samples, direct mail printing, commercial printing, label printing, trademark printing, and even security printing.

Source: China Printing and Equipment Industry Association Inkjet Printing Branch

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