Jialeshi Environmental Paint launches a new generation of real stone paint products

Recently, Guangdong Shunde Jialesi Coating Co., Ltd. keeps an eye on the market and keeps abreast of the market. It adopts various channels to understand the needs of consumers. In addition, it has a rich and diversified environmentally friendly household coatings. In addition, it has launched real stone paint and rock chip paint. And water-in-water colorful paint.

At present, the real stone paint for building exterior wall coatings is more and more widely used. The real stone paint has strong adhesion, high hardness, rich texture, economical cost and good weather resistance. It has the characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, pollution-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesive, never faded, and uses natural gravel to display color and maintain the long-term aesthetic quality of the wall. Because the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, it is especially suitable for use in cold regions, which can effectively prevent the harsh environment from eroding the building and prolong the life of the building. At the same time, the construction of real stone paint is relatively simple.

As a true expert in Chinese architectural coatings, the Jialeshi Group has been using innovation as a driving force for the company for many years and has continuously achieved self-transcendence. In recent years, we have introduced advanced technology, technology and equipment to cultivate a large number of high-quality personnel with professional production management and operation experience. After years of painstaking research and development, we have launched related products such as real stone paint, which greatly enriched the company's product line.

Compared to traditional coatings, Garros Real Stone has the following advantages:

First of all, due to the unique natural texture of real stone paint. The main raw material of real stone paint is colored natural stone powder. The dry knot is firm and firm after solidification, and the texture is like natural stone. It has the meaning of “returning to the truth”. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. It has a true natural color, and it is vivid, solemn and simple, and harmonious and elegant. It often makes people in the city feel like returning to nature.

Secondly, real stone paint is still a kind of green, high-performance, easy-to-promote paint. It is non-toxic and odorless, and has excellent quality performances such as fireproof, waterproof, anti-pollution, acid and alkali resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, firm adhesion, no fading, anti-corrosion and protection of building surface. In addition, the natural stone paint production process is simple, the performance is excellent, the cost performance is high, and it is suitable for market promotion. The actual decoration construction is simple, easy to brush and easy to dry, saves time and labor, and is favored by builders and owners. It has high-end, deep-level and multi-faceted development space prospects.

On a deeper level, real stone paint fits the higher demands of most people on the beauty and culture of painting. "The water is out of the hibiscus, and it is naturally carved." The best beauty is natural, long-lasting, natural, simple, not artificial, but born from the inside, naturally distributed, won the hearts of the people. The real stone paint is taken from nature and used in architecture. It is shaped like a rock face and is beautiful and beautiful. It makes the building and the natural environment blend together and harmonious. The cultural heritage of “harmony and harmony” is the best interpretation of beauty and lacquer culture. Therefore, it can not only be appreciated and liked by the general public, but also a good choice for people with high quality and high quality.

At present, the environmentally-friendly real stone paint launched by Jiale has been recognized by the relevant construction parties such as Sichuan Chengdu South Railway Station, Jiangxi Yichun Railway Station, Shaanxi Xi'an International Airport, etc., and has already invested in a large production and supply stage. At the same time that the Jiashishi real stone paint was recognized, as the Jiale people, the quality of the products should be more closely controlled and widely used to enable the people to enjoy an environmentally friendly and low-carbon healthy life.

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