Jinghu mahogany furniture style

The style of mahogany furniture in Beijing and Shanghai is very different, reflecting the culture and customs of the two places. Beijing is the big house door of Hutong Siheyuan, Shanghai is the stone library door of Nongtang, and the style and taste of mahogany furniture brought by the north and the south are different. With Beijing and Suzuo, Shanghai is mainly Su Zuo furniture, with Suzhou, Changshu and Zhejiang as the Lord. However, in the case of the Republic of China, the mahogany furniture was a bit westernized, and the style was obviously influenced by the outside.

Beijing's mahogany furniture is a Mandarin version, with Beijing Jingjing, Qingbaqi legacy; Shanghai mahogany furniture is Wu Yu soft dialect version, Su style literati furniture, multi-book volume, less market well. Suzhou Dongshan “Wendetang” wine is not afraid of the deep alley, mahogany furniture is placed in private gardens, only come to Shanghai every year to participate in an exhibition, only to promote products at the exhibition.

Mahogany furniture materials, Ming Dynasty literati advocating nature, expensive yellow is not expensive black, Qingren expensive black is not expensive yellow, Beijing mahogany adhering to the Ming and Qing dynasty style, expensive black and expensive yellow. Black is red sandalwood, non-president palace, yellow is yellow pear, royal robe, royal palace, yellow also, emperor special color, water rubbing, wood grain revealing, revealing the emperor from the bones; Shanghai hi red, auspicious festive color, even The rosewood is also painted red, and the Shanghai mahogany furniture is mixed with water and painted in red rosewood.

The manufacture of mahogany furniture, Beijing is the craftsmanship of the palace, the standard of the emperor's imperial system, the material used is heavy, and the emperor is imposing; the Shanghai production maintains the tradition of the Su, the materials are carefully calculated, and the euphemism is refined. Su Zuo Sandalwood, also with royal blood, mysterious color. Now Shanghai's production process is also learning from Beijing, inheriting the craftsmanship of the Forbidden City into the folk, far from Shanghai, close to Beijing, Beijing dialect is called "reliable", Shanghai called Diaoyutai designated products, is also a selling point.

The shape of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the high imitation of old, has historical origins, as well as the story of the drama, not the inscription of the Forbidden City into the folk is used by Wang Ye Gege; Shanghai mahogany furniture pays attention to practical, Jiangnan water town Xiaojiabi jade type, introverted implicit not showing off. Influenced by overseas culture, Shikumen hatched to form Shanghai-style mahogany furniture, and the Redwood Republic was the most popular.

The popularity of mahogany in Beijing and Shanghai is different. Beijing’s heavy halls, light bedrooms, and arrogance. Beijing wrist star, the bedroom furniture is not clear, there are financial resources to have a cultural heritage; Shanghai people heavy bedroom, light living room, deep hidden, bedroom furniture is the Republic of China style, four doors with mirrors. Also buy a circle chair, Beijing people like the court circle chair, the cushion is yellow silk brocade; Shanghai people love the Ming style circle chair, the cushion is red blended silk; Beijing people love the wide throne, Shanghai people love the pen chair.

Regardless of the north and south, mahogany furniture can be remembered.

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