Jinou Life Jin Zhijie: Steady and steady to make the brand solid

Export to domestic trade

According to Kim, Ou Pin Home was established in Beijing in 1997. Since 2009, Ou Pin Home has cooperated with Shanghai Dandou Group, Zhejiang Fengshou Arts & Crafts Furniture Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Huanxi Arts & Crafts Furniture Co., Ltd., officially in China in March 2011. Launched the brand of “People's Life”, the manager of Jin introduced that before the life of Pinou, he has been exporting, and the European-style furniture series of simple European styles, in order to adapt to the government's rural urbanization process in the next few years, after the construction of a large number of affordable housing Market demand. Satisfy the needs of the masses who consume middle-income, urban life, especially those who are white-collar workers for the first time. Simple European style, noble cultural taste, low and medium sales prices are the characteristics of the products of the European products.

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Through Jin, we also learned that Pinou Life is the brand of series products. From the perspective of market promotion, this brand has been promoted since last year. It was established in 1997, and the products of Pinou have been exported to foreign cities such as Europe. Young people, after the financial crisis, the export is getting worse and worse, so the domestic market to open up the market, this product is tried to promote in the country, the effect is not bad, I hope that domestic consumers can also enjoy the products of the goods.

Mr. Jin also said: "People's products are mainly for small-sized households and small white-collar workers in China. The demand for products such as Pinou is also growing, and the proportion of real high-end luxury goods is getting lower and lower."

At the same time, Mr. Jin also revealed to us: "There is a misunderstanding in China. We think that the solid wood is better than the plate type. The domestic furniture is made of solid wood. The cost is much higher. The products are made of wood and wood, with European style and low price. Price, this has certain advantages. Young people have a yearning, but the economic strength is not very strong, so Pinou is positioned in the middle to meet the needs of this part of young people. Practical and beautiful combination."

The pure Jane style is unique in the country.

Mr. Jin also took the author to visit the exhibits on the spot, and combined with the products to explain to us the characteristics of Pinou: small, exquisite, Mediterranean style, simple European style. Mr. Jin said that the products in the domestic market are generally white, mainly in the style of rural style and Korean style. There is no pure Jane-European style, and the products of Pinou are exported, and the designers of foreign countries specially design and product. European custom. The general white furniture surface on the market is easy to oxidize for a long time, and it does not make shape, straight and straight, while the products of Pinou are curved legs, French details, carefully processed in detail, and many small products are multi-purpose. Convenient for small units. The small dressing table of Pinou, the small piano table is a classic product of Europe for centuries. The style is unique in China, exquisite and thin, saving space and convenient placement.

Mr. Jin also said: "People used to do export only. In response to the needs of the domestic market, it began to promote domestic sales in domestic investment agents and open stores. At present, the company has more than 40 stores, mainly through investment in exhibitions, and participated in Guangzhou since last year. Furniture Fair, Shanghai Furniture Fair. Headquarters in Beijing, produced in Jiangsu and Zhejiang."

Kim’s best also revealed to us the development plan of the company: In the future, the company will put the product packaging in place and make the goods better. Although it has just opened up the market, it will basically stand still and will be stable and steady. The market is doing well and the brand is solid. I sincerely hope that the development of Pinou is getting better and better!

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