Jumping Soul, Yellow Knife Aurora

Aurora is considered one of the most beautiful sights in nature. Aurora is varied, colorful, different shapes and beautiful, and there is no comparable phenomenon in the natural world. It is very difficult for any crayons to paint the light that is fickle and unpredictable in the cold polar atmosphere.

In the past, the Eskimos thought that it was the torch that the ghosts and gods guided the dead souls to heaven.

Aurora Borealis refers to the phenomenon of luminescence that often occurs in the high atmosphere of the high latitudes of the Earth and is the result of the interaction between the solar wind and the earth's magnetic field. The Northern Lights are very gorgeous and beautiful. With the Northern Lights, it is a very mysterious sound.

There are many places in Canada where the Northern Lights can be seen. The Yellow Knife (NT) is the most familiar to all. The Northern Lights can be clearly seen from September until March of next year.

The average temperature in November is around 0 degrees Celsius, but the general temperature in the mountainous area is about minus 17 degrees Celsius. So you need to buy a hat with a cover that can cover your ears, a mask for skiers, and two pairs of gloves. Clothes backpacks naturally recommend the Canadian brand, Archaeopteryx! To go to Canada, two pieces of bird equipment must be purchased.

Six months ago, Zhu Jun, the director of the Planetarium, shared his experience in exploring the beauty of outer space on TED's speech and felt a lot. If you have the opportunity to travel to high latitudes both at home and abroad, take a look at the gorgeous Aurora.

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