Kingston16G SD card does not recognize data recovery Das Technology

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Media Information: Kingston16G SD Card

Fault description:

The camera does not recognize the SD card, and it cannot be read by the card reader. The data to be restored is photos and videos.

Data recovery process:

This situation is generally caused by the disorder or damage of the memory chip, which is a hardware failure. The memory chip needs to be blown off from the SD card by the air gun, and then the underlying data in the chip is read by a professional tool, and then compiled, and after a period of time, the user data is completely restored.

Data recovery results: successful recovery

Advice to customers:

When using a flash memory such as a memory card, be sure to follow the normal plug-and-play rules. For example, when connecting to a computer, you need to unload the media normally and then disconnect it from the computer. The data in the flash media should not be edited frequently, only the function of dumping.

Kingston16G SD卡无法识别数据恢复 达思科技

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