Learn more about staggered flat locks

What is a flat lock?

Interlocking flat lock is a special way of flat lock. In the book block, the positions of the two adjacent binding lines are different, and the positions of the spacing lines are the same, so that the yarns connected in series in the signature can be evenly distributed at the crease of the signature, so the back and the book The thickness of the core is basically the same, and the back of the book bound is relatively flat.

Under what circumstances should the staggered flat lock method be used?

When the paper is thin or the yarn is thick, in order to avoid the protruding or too high protrusion of the lock line of the back of the book, it is required to use the interlocking flat lock.

What is the process of interlocking flat locks?

The working principle of the interlocking flat lock is basically the same as that of the ordinary flat lock, except that it consists of two threading needles, two threading hooks and a hook threading needle to complete the thread locking process. As shown in Figure 144. When threading the thread in the first post, after the hole is punched and threaded, the left claw starts to move to the right, and the yarn introduced by the left threading needle is pulled to the hook needle 6, and then reset. At this time, the right threading needle and the right thread The hook 5 does not work. When the thread is locked in the second signature, after punching and threading, the right hook 5 moves to the left, and the yarn introduced by the right threading needle 7 is pulled to the hook needle, and then reset.

What is a cross lock?

Cross lock is also called jump lock. The positions of the binding lines in the book block are different, that is, the singular and even numbered signatures are alternately locked.

What is the principle of cross-locking?

The principle of the cross lock and the misalignment lock is basically the same, the difference is that there is a movable threading needle between two fixed threading needles, which can be reciprocated left and right, and the yarn jumps into the pages of each post, thereby Interlocked into volumes.

What are the characteristics of the cross-lock book block?

The use of cross locks not only makes the binding lines evenly distributed, but also can be tied with gauze tape to make the books firm and beautiful. But the cross-locking lock speed is slow, generally 60 posts / min.

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