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The May 1st took place in Dupontling, one of the Vietnam Ridges, and spent four nights in the rocket. In general, the Rockets don't sound as powerful as its name.

1. General

The ride through this time is easier, but the weather is always not happy. The sun is shining during the day and heavy rain falls in the evening. The rocket's performance under strong winds and rain was unsatisfactory.

2, detailed

The first night of heavy rain, wind 4-5. The rain soaked the outer bills, blew inside, and was constantly bombed down under the rain and wind. His face was cool, but it was overwhelming and could be tolerated. The foreign accounts are constantly being blown by the wind. Even if the tents are far away from the inside and outside, they will inevitably be affixed together. The sleeping bags are dampened by the water droplets on the inside of the tent. It is depressing.

There was no rain on the second night and the wind was about four. Because of the wet night experience of the first night, I covered it with a disposable tablecloth over the ridge of the inner post. It didn't rain, so I covered the tablecloth blankly. Since the internal accounts are all gauze, even if the roof is covered with a table cloth, the breathability of both ends of the gauze exceeds the average tent.

The third night was small to moderate rain, winds 5-6. Due to the terrain, the tent is facing the wind. I vowed, even if all the tents were down, I am the last one. It did not fall down, and because the inner tent covered a disposable table cloth, the rain did not seep through. Only the external account is always attached to the account, and even a sleeping bag is attached, which makes people worry.

The fourth night was heavy with heavy rain, winds were 7-8, and gusts may be even greater. (Afterwards, we learned that there were more windy hail in the northern area of ​​northern Guangdong and southern Hunan. When crossing the end of Hunan, we saw that the tiles of the farm were blown away. I was frightened by the fierce flying chaos. There were still pedestrians in Guilin who were killed by the billboard - Amen. In the evening, the weather was still very good when the tent was being held by the river. At one time, the corner on the right side of the entrance hall had no pull rope and was only pressed with stones. The other reason was that there was no wind rope. In the evening, a heavy rain struck and the bill continued to bend downwards and pressed against the inner and sleeping bags. The disposable tablecloth slid backwards under the force of the wind (even if the four corners of the table cloth were tied to the four corners of the inside book. It also failed to stop its deformation, stretching, and sliding. The rainwater that permeated the inside of the bills fell and fell, and there was heavy rain outside and a light rain inside. Each storm lasted for about half an hour. Every time the storm faded away, I thought: I hope it will be finished. However, not waiting to sleep, more violent storms followed. In this way, when the third heavy rain hit, the foot on the right side of the hall collapsed. I quickly got up and found a few tens of pounds of stone to repress it before setting up the tent. The next storm did not bring even greater blows to the tent. But the river next to it has already risen. We have been observing after the rain. After the tent is blown over, we are ready to evade everything. Originally, there was a height difference of two or three meters from the river. When the height difference was less than one meter, we fled in hurry and hid in another tent higher up. The originally quiet creek turned into a torrent of torrents. All six Guiliners across the river took out camps and sat overnight in a forest covered in plastic sheets. It was funny and terrible to see their lights swaying across the river running through the 10,000 horses.

3, technical summary

About the characteristics of the rocket's construction The prawn here is very clear, I do not need to be rumored, just say what I experienced in this use.

Advantages: If all the feet are firmly in place, level 10 winds probably won't fall.

Disadvantages: Because the rocket's ledger is not supported by the pole, it bends and bends under the strong winds, even though I am very straight and very pretty when I am camping; the waterproof performance of the ledger is not flattering and penetrates the ledger. The drops of water will shook down under the beat of rain and rain, and the gauze in the net will not be able to withstand these falling rains; once the wind is blown, the outer tent will inevitably be attached to the inner tent and the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag must be wet.

Need to improve: The waterproof performance of the foreign account needs to be improved, the original wind rope should be increased from 2 to 9, that is, all the feet are equipped with, the new rope does not need to be very long, two meters is enough.

Ways to avoid weaknesses: On rainy days, use a disposable tablecloth to wrap up the inner bills, leaving only the front and rear sides to be ventilated. The tablecloths need to be 2*2 or more in size, and the edges should be fixed when the cover is closed, otherwise one of the winds will be lifted. Open or slide.

4, supplement

Although it was known that it would rain before going out this time, I do not know how great it was on the mountain. The Rockets have always been light, not suitable for harsh winds and heavy rains. Maybe these are my dissatisfactions and they are demanding.

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