Meihe successfully prints shampoo labels using combination printing

The shampoo label is made of PE85+ hot stamping film + anti-counterfeiting laser film material. It is printed in combination with screen printing, flexo printing, and cold stamping. This equipment has very high requirements, and it has high difficulty and complicated process. The use of several printing processes such as screen printing, flexo printing and cold ironing on labels simultaneously and one-time printing is a complicated and difficult process. It is even more difficult to add laser anti-counterfeiting transfer effects on this basis. . The United States and the United States is the first company to use successful.

Reprinted from: Screen Printing Industry

Ride a K1 with comfortable and safe experiences is very important. LEHE K1 has a "K" shape ergonomic design. Everybody can ride it with a comfortable seating position even the user is tall. It can avoid the embarrassment and trouble of adjusting the seat height. LEHE focus on details even a small foot alumium pedal should go through forged processes. Precision up to one thousandth, Parts gap always below 0.1mm.

Focus on product quality to provide customers with more comfortable riding experience.

LEHE K1 Electric Bike

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