Metropolitan fashion trend modern minimalist sliding door wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Modern minimalist style wardrobe is currently popular in big cities, white-collar homes, most men like modern style. The logo of modern style is black and white gray rice color, full of lines, multi-purpose mirror / black crystal / ceramic tile and other materials, clean and neat, easy to clean, also more durable.

Modern minimalist sliding door wardrobe

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The design style of this apartment is minimalism, and the ivory white body is matched with the black painted surface, which is fashionable and generous. The wardrobe is placed according to the type of house, reflecting the customization and flexibility of the furniture. The overall warm color makes people feel warm, comfortable and warm.

Bedroom closet storage

The layout is reasonable, the layout of the wardrobe and the TV cabinet increases the usability of the space. The combination design of the bedside cabinet uses the decorative cabinet, which increases the storage function of the space, and the overall space is atmospheric and comfortable.

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