Multivariate analysis of book illustrations

Abstract: Illustrations have become a visual element in the design of book binding. Illustrations are instantly accepted and evaluated in the form of images. With ideas and information that are difficult to express in words, images, images, and pictures can be used to achieve instant communication effects. People obtain information and knowledge from the pleasure of appreciation. Today, informatization, the pluralism and humanization of illustrations are important topics for discussion. The attributes, integrity, humanities, and information of illustrations constitute the characteristics of modern illustration art.

Keywords: book illustration, diversity, information transmission

Books and illustrations are instantly accepted and evaluated in the form of images. With ideas and information that are difficult to express in words, the effects of instantaneous communication can be achieved through graphics. People can obtain information and knowledge from the pleasure of appreciation. Today's informatization in the information design has become a visual element that occupies a specific position in the design of book binding, and presents a diversified artistic characteristics.

I. Dependency and Independence of Illustrations

Attributes and independence constitute the artistic characteristics of book illustrations. They are inseparable unity. China's illustration art has a long history. The ancients used books to say that where there are books, there must be plans. In the Yuan and Song dynasties, with the development of engraving and printing, illustrations were very popular. The production of illustrations in the Ming and Qing dynasties reached a period of great prosperity. Illustration art has always been loved by readers. Illustration art has both the general laws and elements of painting and photography, such as concept, composition, shape, color, basic sentiment, and picture effects, and it also has its special law, namely personality. Excellent illustrations can become independent works of art, but general paintings and photos cannot replace illustrations. An illustration is a kind of art in which the figure and the text closely cooperate. The difference between it and the general painting and photograph is simply a “plug” word, because it must conform to the requirements of the interpolation and must be consistent with the contents. The illustrations are complete and complete works of art in the corresponding image language and text language. Illustrations of literary and art books, illustrations of science and technology books, illustrations of magazines, and journals, etc. No matter what kind of book illustrations, they must be consistent with the spirit of the manuscript. If one is left behind, content is monotonous and independence is pursued. Personality is not an illustration. Manuscripts use words as a means of expression, relying on vocabulary combinations to express ideological connotations. Illustrations use modeling visual arts as a means of expression, relying on visual shapes and colors to express emotions. Although both belong to the category of emotional activities, they have different performances. Forms, they have their own characteristics, but they also have their limitations. Illustration art expresses the emotion from the styling image, and the manuscript expression is produced by the reader to produce the associative image, so the associative image cannot replace the visual image. Illustrations can be based on the understanding of the content of the manuscript, to play imagination and creativity, make up for the limitations of text content, and greatly increase readers' interest in reading. Excellent illustrations can help readers develop the wings of imagination and strengthen the artistic appeal of the content.

Second, the integrity of the illustration

Visual arts emphasizes balance, rhythm, and overall effect. Without visual balance, there is no beauty. Without rhythm, there will be no artistic conception. Without the overall effect, there will be no style. The book design requires an overall design concept, which is to consider all aspects of the book, such as horizontal and vertical, whole and partial, form and content, art and technology, so that each local and main style constitutes a harmonious and unified whole. Of course, in determining the overall style of book design, we must also consider the relative independence of each part of its own personality, but also consider the relationship between the various parts of the visual form, and the harmony of the main form of the unity, the appearance of books, The covers, layouts, illustrations and other elements of a book should constitute an organic whole. As a part of the binding, the illustration must be performed under the overall situation. Consider the factors of adaptation between the expression form and the printing process. Consider the consistency between the configuration and the layout style, and the control factors of the layout inside the layout, column, and line. What position, what kind of rhythm, rhythm, etc. The illustrations rely on the psychological clues established between readers and books on the one hand, and insert corresponding insertions according to the ups and downs of the content. On the other hand, we must also pay attention to the beats between readings, gaps, and pictures. People's physiology and psychology to consider the best time and space for people's acceptance, and inspiration can promote the development of the manuscript, easy to induce the reader to produce association and imagination key to insert. Book binding is a combination of various constituent elements. It is not a simple patchwork. It is a method of uniting the elements in an organized way through the laws of beauty and casting them into a new, unity of perfection. The combined language is unified, the functions are varied, and the forms are variable. It gives people a sense of internal connection and external completeness. This is an emotional connection. It gives the book a beautiful artistic conception, and it passes through different music like music. Music notes, rhythm, and melody combine beautiful movements. As an integral part of the book, illustrations are used in the creation, selection, and application of the rules of the whole beauty to liberate ideas, acquire new concepts from changes in images, and create new intents that match the content of books.

Third, the humanities of illustrations

With the continuous progress of the times, especially the rapid development of economy, science and technology, and culture, the appearance and aesthetics of book binding design have had different meanings from the past. Among them, humanity is also one of the most important issues to be explored. Factors to consider all activities related to people, it involves science, psychology, time, space and so on. As a result, the illustrations of book bindings, their forms, structures, basic formats, and presentation methods have all come into being. The illustration's mission is to make readers enter the reader's mind by reading pictures. Study the illustrations from the principles of the aesthetic value of plastic arts, from perceptual to rational, explore the external influences of the work on the development and change of human thoughts and feelings, study how people perceive the forms, study the physical reactions of visual phenomena, physiological reactions and Mental judgments are observed in accordance with the laws of perception, and are created in accordance with the laws of psychology and the use of morphological constitutions. Today, the pursuit of formal beauty always strongly reflects the personality of the designer, integrates spiritual content with personal style, and increasingly integrates figurative and abstract forms into the beauty of form. Regardless of the form of presentation, they all pay attention to the intensifying influence on the screen, elicit abstraction from the original form, and make the design of the design develop in an orderly manner in terms of form and color, creating a subjective and supernatural space-time relationship. Make the ideological content of the manuscript effectively communicated. Therefore, any form of application must be consistent with the content. If you put aside the pure pursuit of content, this form will be empty, flashy, and incapable of life.

The formal research is based on human perception and emotion. When the creative ideas and concepts can be expressed profoundly, vividly and accurately through specific forms, the forms will have their true value. The illustrations are transmitted through emotions, causing resonance with readers and spiritual communication. In the illustration, the so-called emotion is the induction effect that occurs between the person and the book form. The physical stimulation of the form and the form pattern will evoke a series of psychological effects when it creates a strong impression in the human perception. One important aspect of the foundation of formal beauty is that it is based on the physiology and psychology shared by human beings. People's feelings and experiences often begin with physiology and psychology. Modern design is people-centered, and illustrations are not an exception as part of the design of book binding. From the consideration of human factors and all activities of people, the concept of people-oriented injects new vitality into illustrations, thereby accelerating the transmission of information.

Fourth, the information of illustration

The ultimate goal of dissemination of information is the basic requirement for illustrations in the information age. Book binding today is not only a representation of the cultural connotation of books and periodicals, but also one of the constituent mechanisms of commodity competition in the circulation of books and periodicals. How to design economically and practically? Starting from the principle of strengthening competition, information, and aesthetics, it has become a requirement for modern book design and creativity. Illustrations are one of the best stages to achieve its purpose. Therefore, illustrations always use the knowledge of books and the transmission of information content as design appeal centers. If they deviate from the target of appeal, they cannot accurately convey information and convey the ideological connotation of their books, and lose their appeal. As a special artistic language, the best illustration should be to attract the attention of the viewer by reading the most effort-saving principle. The illustrations in the book design can be rationally exaggerated for the image thinking, which can supplement or even exceed the expression of the text. In itself, it has a value-added effect. The illustrations of modern books give full play to the unique performance advantages of the visual image and the true value of the expressive functions. They are consciously constructed to express the visual language of ideas and information content in an integrated manner, and effectively impart information while imparting aesthetic value. The illustrations of modern books are colorful, the combination of the development of science and technology, and the creation of rich visual expression means and forms, giving illustrations endless inspiration and reference. Illustrations can absorb various expressions and forms that are conducive to information transmission, such as: abstract forms, figurative forms, and photography, painting, comics, paper cutting, cartoons, etc. No matter which form is used, they strive for strong visual effects. The principle followed by the designer is to use infection, interest, memory, and understanding as the basic criteria in the process of visualizing information, and to make the information, ideas, and content as simple, clear, eye-catching, vivid, novel, orderly, and accurate as possible. The way to express it includes aesthetics and emotions, transforming people’s acceptance of information into a kind of spiritual enjoyment, and transforming them into an intimate dialogue. Therefore, after the idea of ​​interpreting information content is determined, it is necessary to consider how to transform form and form, use image to construct visual language, and use unique visual language to construct unique and novel visual communication works. The selection of styling factors and forms in book illustrations will directly affect the change and development of mood and mood, and should be used in a clever and rational way so that sensible factors and rational factors can reach a harmonious unity, so that the thoughts and information to be conveyed to readers can be More profound impression.

The illustrations as an important part of book binding should be fluent, exquisite and superb in thought, emotion, and form. They should be unified in the overall style of books. Its design, selection, conception and creative process can be said to be a process of continuous mingling between perceptual and rational. First of all, the emotional, imaginative and design thinking triggered by the original content constitutes the inspiration point of reading materials. Based on this, it will The creative compounding of the material, with the rational grasp and creation, to achieve the overall design of the book form design, thereby accelerating the transmission of information.

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