Netizens recommend winter skin care tips

Recently, the weather turned cold, I began to feel that the skin is suffering, the cheeks and forehead are obviously dry, often desquamation, the red blood on the cheeks is more obvious, the following is the winter skin care tips recommended by netizens.

Lips and small private tricks:

Recently, my mouth is a little bit smashed, and I am at home diy lip balm, which is simple and natural, and convenient and affordable.
Raw materials: 5 ml of beeswax, 5 ml of honey, 10 ml of coconut oil, and 1 ml of emulsifier.
Practice and usage: Put the coconut oil in a bowl, add honey and beeswax, and then heat it in a microwave or pot for 1-2 minutes until the beeswax dissolves. Pour hot into the cream jar, add a simple emulsifier, shake it evenly, and let it cool and solidify. Real material, the effect is not worse than the big lip balm!

Freckle small private tricks:

Because I was lazy and didn't apply sunscreen, the summer passed and my face left behind with sunburn, which became "sparrow mm". In order to save my face, I am going to make up my freckle movements. Now that the sunburn has been wiped out by me, let me see my method!
Materials: 1 apple, 1 tomato, 5 g starch.
Practice and usage: After peeling the apple, apply the mud to the face, apply it on the face for 20 minutes, then wash it with water. After that, the fresh tomato is smashed, and a little starch is added to increase the viscosity, which is used to apply the face. After 20 minutes, it is washed away with water. Apply once a day.
These two masks are rich in vitamin C, which prevents melanin production, eliminates facial melasma and freckles, and whitens skin.

IPC(Industrial Pc)

Industrial computer is simple,basic and stable functions could be needed. It could be used in 24 hours*365 with low power consumption, heat dissipation,and free from heat dissipation.
 Industrial computer need to be dust-proof. Watertight do not mentioned.

Widely used in construction machinery, CNC equipment, medical equipment, video surveillance, factory automation.

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