New system of inkjet technology for ceramic tile printing

At present, the production of a large number of ceramic tiles in China mostly uses the two processes of flat screen printing and rotary screen printing. However, these two printing processes require a lot of preparation time and a lot of manual input. Although the development of this industrial printing process has been very mature, but The method of closely printing the silk screen to the ceramic tile will have an important impact on the output and quality of the ceramic tile production.

When observing and analyzing from the perspective of accelerating market changes, we can also see that due to increasing global commercial competition and rising cost pressures, the traditional process of producing ceramic tiles cannot keep up with the development of the situation. Although industrial silk printing has many advantages over manual printing operations, this batch of dull copying method still has many defects. Therefore, the ceramic industry quickly recognized the benefits of using non-contact printing technology, especially piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technology will bring huge benefits to this industry.

The use of inkjet technology can increase the production speed of the printing process, reduce costs, maintain and improve the quality of ceramic printing products, support product versatility and increase output. In short, inkjet technology can meet the current requirements of different markets, paving the way for new opportunities and new applications. Although the current digital printing technology can not completely replace the traditional production process, but practice has proved that the use of digital printing technology can make ceramic tiles get many benefits.

At present, various markets have put forward higher requirements for shortening the production process of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile manufacturers have to seek printing equipment that can provide high printing image quality, high production efficiency and versatility. Compared with other transfer printing systems, digital inkjet technology has more advantages while meeting these needs. These advantages include simplifying production operations, improving image accuracy, extending working life and being able to apply a wider range of inks.

Compared to screen printing inks, inks used for inkjet printing have a lower viscosity, which makes it possible to control inks with high solid content (ie, higher pigment content) while maintaining uninterrupted contactless inkjet printing. Become a decisive factor for success, and also a challenge for inkjet solution providers. In the past 30 years, piezoelectric inkjet technology has brought tremendous benefits to printing system manufacturers and end users, and is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial production. At the same time, the design focuses on the need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Among them, the print head is widely accepted by merchants and users because of its ability to continue high-frequency inkjet and apply a variety of inks, and at the same time meet the advantages of high precision and high speed. The accuracy of the droplet drop point is the basis for obtaining high-quality images, and the low accuracy of the droplet drop point will result in blurred images and defective spots.

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