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The packaging industry is specialized in providing packaging products for the society (such as finished packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging and printing, packaging machinery, etc.), labor services (such as packaging design, packaging technology research, packaging education and packaging improvement services, etc.), or storage and transportation economy. The type of division of activities. According to the different nature of work, the packaging industry can be divided into three major parts: the first part is the packaging industry, mainly engaged in packaging products and packaging machinery processing industry; the second part is the packaging design industry, which is based on independent design-based independent The company is engaged in the packaging design of the enterprise assembly; the third part is the packaging service industry, to provide packaged labor service-based packaging subcontracting or repackaging industry. The packaging industry is a comprehensive industry that spans regional, cross-sectoral, and cross-systems and is a comprehensive landscape involving dozens of departments including commerce, petrochemical, agriculture, forestry, light industry, foreign trade, electromechanical, pesticides, health and medicine, and food. Industry. Under the conditions of market economy, the commodity exchange activities in the market are full of fierce competition and universally resorted to the means of commodity packaging. Therefore, as a packaging industry enterprise with a wide range of radiation and great influence, in addition to undertaking the general social responsibilities that all companies should bear, according to their own characteristics, they should also take the initiative to shoulder their special social responsibilities. In particular, some enterprises in China still have many problems in commodity packaging, such as over-emphasizing the external packaging of goods in the packaging of goods and ignoring the intrinsic quality of the sensationalism; the overpacking problems caused by "luxury packaging" and "big packaging"; Packaging fraud issues; packaging environmental pollution issues. These problems in the packaging of goods have infringed upon the vital interests of consumers, the public interests are not guaranteed, and sustainable development is threatened. Therefore, it is very necessary at present to strengthen the awareness of social responsibility of packaging companies and highly regulate the packaging behavior of enterprises from the perspective of social responsibility.

First, environmental responsibility

Under the impact of the environmental protection tide in the world today, all countries attach great importance to high-tech research on environmental protection, resource conservation and energy conservation. As a packaging company in the new century, when it comes to packaging production, it is necessary to consider environmental issues in packaging design and strengthen environmental awareness. With the increasing scale of the packaging industry in China, packaging companies are increasingly harming the environment: As packaging technology advances, and a variety of beautifully decorated commodities are flocking to the market, solid waste packaging also erodes and erodes at the same rate. Our human living space, the development and application of packaging materials, and the intangible increase in various types of packaging solid waste that are not easily decomposed and handled in the later stages, affect the protection of water, the atmosphere, and the ecological environment, and become a major environmental health problem for people in daily life. For example, portable plastic bags and foam lunch boxes used for shopping in daily life are easy to use and economical, but after their historical missions are completed, they become rubbish that cannot be easily decomposed, especially on railroads, roads, streets and lanes. "Very serious, breeze blowing, packaging wastes such as paper and plastics with various germs fluttering in the wind, blowing all kinds of germs into millions of households, seriously endangering people's health; excessive exploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution , making the ecological environment seriously unbalanced, soil erosion, grassland degradation, forest cover Dropped, water depletion, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters increases every year, and so on. With high ecological costs, environmental protection experts are worried and the environmental responsibility of packaging companies is a long way to go. Therefore, environmental protection packaging production should follow the following principles:

(a) The principle of moderate packaging. Modest packaging respected is the simplest packaging structure, the most provincial packaging materials, the most sleek style, the most refined text, and accurate information transmission. Advocating a clear, clear, pure and cool packaging design, the pursuit of simplicity in the rich, pure and elegant, opposed to "luxury packaging", "excessive packaging." Many countries in the world now advocate appropriate packaging and formulate many corresponding regulations. For example, the United Kingdom imposes restrictions on the degree of complexity of merchandise packaging in a certain proportion. Exceeding the requirements imposes heavy penalties and increases in taxes, forcing businesses to simplify packaging and reduce environmental pollution.

(b) Cleaner production principles. The implementation of cleaner production requires the scientific and rationalization of the entire process of product design, raw material selection, process improvement, and internal recycling of the production process, so as to minimize the waste generated from industrial production. Such clean production is conducive to scientific planning and organization and coordination of different production departments and production layout and process, optimizing all aspects of production, from a simple end of the pollution control to the production of the entire process of pollution control, cross-utilization of renewable resources and energy Improving energy and resource use efficiency; conducive to the adoption of comprehensive resource utilization, substitution of scarce resources, utilization of secondary energy sources, energy conservation, consumption reduction, water conservation, rational use of natural resources, and reduction of resource depletion; The production and discharge of pollutants promote the coordination of the production and consumption processes of packaging industry products and the environment.

(c) Principles of Scientific Selection. Using a single material, a single material made from a package is easy to recycle, because it does not have to separate and purify the material; use safe and pollution-free packaging materials, and use edible packaging in the design of food packaging, which is to solve the food packaging waste and A good way of contradicting environmental protection. There have been a variety of developments. For example, a company in Queensland, Australia, has developed an edible potato chip package that allows people to consume their packaging after eating a potato chip; Japanese edible rice paper and plastics extracted from shell materials. Acetic acid kettle made into an edible package. The use of edible packaging not only facilitates people's lives but also avoids packaging wastes from polluting the environment. [1] China has enacted legislation that prohibits the use or reduction of the use of certain packaging materials containing lead, mercury, or aluminum and other harmful ingredients, and stipulates the content of heavy metals.

Second, the spirit of good faith

Once the goods are packaged, their internal bodies are covered by the external packaging. As consumers, they do not have complete information on the internal quality and utility of the product. Their information on the quality and utility of the product is obtained through the seller’s packaging and the advertisement of the decoration. The packaging of the product is the best specification of the product. The product passes its important information to the consumers through the packaging materials, volume capacity and text patterns, so that consumers can evaluate and select products. It is necessary to align the external package decoration form with the essential content of the internal commodity entity, which requires the moral self-discipline of the economic entity participating in the market activity. "Integrity" is the basic moral code for commodity packaging.

The principle of good faith is the principle that packaging companies must follow. It means that the packaging of goods must fully consider the relationship between the packaging and external forms and the consumers, the consumption environment, and the ecological environment, and accurately reflect the intrinsic quality of the product. Win the trust of consumers and society for products. Specifically in:

(a) The authenticity of commodity packaging. Counterfeit, forgery, piracy, piracy, and even theft, consumers need to distinguish between authenticity and false positives. In the face of Li Zheng and Li Gui, the first thing to suffer is the packaging of goods. No matter if it is counterfeit or inferior, at least it must be similar. Imitation of packaging is a required course for counterfeiters. Some merchants use packaging means, some "fragmentation is good, false pretend to be truthful" to carry out quality fraud; some "have fewer charges, more to no charge" to conduct quantity fraud; some are "counterfeit others' trademarks" to conduct brand fraud; The "counterfeit certification mark" is used for flag fraud. The infringement of counterfeit goods is a violation of the profits of genuine manufacturers and is a violation of the rights of consumers. There are only a few changes to deliberately imitate products with high market share. Directly use high-precision scanners to obtain authentic packaging design renderings, and use computer software to process the acquired images. Obviously, such as trademarks or texts. Signs, to do some deafening and distortion processing, but in the overall effect as far as possible to maintain the original appearance, so that consumers at first glance is not easy to perceive the changes made in order to achieve the purpose of stealing. In view of this, the effect of packaging manufacturers in enhancing packaging design has become a powerful weapon in anti-counterfeiting operations. First, holographic images, authentic inspection seals, and bas-relief embossing techniques were applied to the packaging design, making it difficult for imitation manufacturers to imitate the accuracy. Secondly, the use of special paper, special pigments in packaging design to obtain luster effect or metallic texture, and the use of fluorescent color printing and other innovative designs have resulted in malicious plagiarism behaviors that are too costly or difficult to achieve. Dilemma.

(b) The clarity of the packaging of goods. A typical package can not be separated from the trademark, product name, company name, site, production date, shelf life, implementation standards and product specifications, grades, name and content of the main components contained in the necessary information, and complete these are inseparable Corresponding words, patterns, colors, shapes, and materials are combined and matched; content that can demonstrate the competitiveness of enterprises is also timely filled in packaging, such as Chinese well-known trademarks, local famous trademarks, pollution-free foods, and national traditional Chinese medicine protection. Variety and through the ISO9000 series of quality system certification, etc. logo; but also the company's progress and development of signs, such as "new products", "second generation" and other words; but also to show the characteristics of the product logo, such as special Words such as brewing, special music, special products, refined products, and quality products are deliberately expressing the distinctiveness of the product; for the patented product, the clear and unambiguous information expression on the patented product packaging is specifically indicated on the packaging and can be enhanced. The profound and unique product helps to establish its own market position.

(C) the guidance of commodity packaging. How to open the package, how to store the product and how to eat, use, and pack should have a very specific account. Need to be refrigerated, the packaging must be stated. The words used for the guidance should be exhaustive and should be accompanied by brief schematics if necessary.

In real life, commodity packaging has become an indicator for expanding product brands, improving product competitiveness, enhancing product features, and establishing corporate image. Only by taking the principle of good faith and morality as the basis for commodity packaging, can these functions be realized, can it really bring prosperity and progress to the commodity packaging industry.

Third, innovation awareness

As a new multidisciplinary comprehensive specialty, modern packaging involves natural sciences and social sciences. The development of disciplines and changes in the market have caused changes in the packaging requirements, which has prompted the packaging industry to synchronize with science and technology, such as the development of materials science, providing more and more choices of packaging materials; development of computer technology, automation of packaging machinery The degree is getting higher and higher; the development of printing technology, packaging and decoration more and more beautiful and so on. Packaging is a process of continuous innovation with high technology.

Compared with advanced countries, there are still many gaps in China, mainly reflected in: (1) Most of China's packaging companies are small in size, lag behind in technology, lack of funds, low labor productivity, and low product quality. A considerable portion of medium and low-end packaging products exceed supply. Coupled with such factors as the management of backwardness, the country's packaging companies have a large loss. (2) China's independent intellectual property rights are limited in modern packaging systems, materials, and products. Most of the existing advanced packaging technologies, systems, equipment, and high-grade packaging materials still have to rely on imports. At present, there are more than 4,000 varieties of packaging machinery in the world, while only 2,700 kinds of packaging machinery are produced in China. The control, manufacturing, and technology are lagging behind those of the packaging powerhouses; some test technologies, sensing technologies, and microelectronics control technologies. , On-line detection technology is still in the blank; the product is also more imitation, digestion and innovation less, single-machine manufacturing and more complete sets of equipment production. (3) As the packaging companies themselves lack a high level of specialized research and development institutions, most of them imitate the packaging structure of similar foreign products, and the packaging costs are high, and scientific and reasonable packaging cannot be achieved. Some sales packaging, in order to compete for the market, there is a tendency to re-decoration function, light protection function, do not pay attention to the design of economical and reasonable packaging, so that packaging costs accounted for 30% to 70% of the cost of goods, and even more than the cost of the product itself. Due to the package

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