Paying attention to the nutrition of special days, being a ruddy beauty is not a dream.

When you care for yourself, if you have symptoms such as poor appetite and low back pain, you should choose foods that are rich in nutrients , spleen appetizers, and easy to digest, such as jujube, noodles, and porridge. To maintain a balanced diet , fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed at the same time.

The food is mainly fresh, not only delicious, easy to absorb, and less nutrient damage.

During the menstruation, the following points should also be noted in the diet:

1, avoid cold food, should eat warm.

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Chinese medicine believes that if the blood gets hot, it will be chilly. During the menstrual period, the food is cold, one is harmful to digestion, and the other is easy to hurt the human body yang, resulting in internal cold, cold stagnation, can make the menstrual blood run poorly, resulting in too little menstrual blood, and even dysmenorrhea. Even during the summer season, it is not advisable to eat cold drinks during menstruation. Menstrual diet should be warm, suitable for kelp, jujube, sorghum rice, glutinous rice, lamb, apples and other foods, eat less pears, clams, water chestnuts, melon, kale, cannabis and other cold, diarrhea food .

2, do not eat sour and spicy food.

During menstruation, the woman feels particularly tired, digestive function is weakened, and her appetite is poor. Therefore, the diet should pay attention to the lightness of the food and easy digestion and absorption, avoid eating too acidic and irritating foods such as hawthorn, sauerkraut, vinegar, Pepper, mustard, pepper, etc.

3, to prevent iron deficiency, meat and vegetables.


Iron is an essential trace element in the human body. Iron is not only involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and many important enzymes, but also plays an important role in immunity, intelligence, aging and energy metabolism. Due to the loss of iron during the menstrual period, it is very important to supplement the iron-rich food. Fish, lean meat, animal liver, animal blood and other iron-rich, and biological activity is relatively large, easy to be absorbed by the body; and soybean, spinach is rich in plant iron, the absorption rate is low. Therefore, the menstrual diet should pay attention to the combination of vegetarians, eat more animal foods to meet the special needs of iron during menstruation.

Before and after menstruation or menstruation, people who feel pain in the lower abdomen or who are suffering from low back pain are called dysmenorrhea. The cause of dysmenorrhea. Or because you drink cold, or because of the cold wave, or because of qi and blood disorders, the air is not smooth, the blood is blocked. Due to the accumulation of damp heat, liver qi stagnation, often accompanied by loss of appetite, irritability, burnout, pale and other performance. At the time of the attack, it is necessary to treat the epilepsy and relieve the pain. The prevention should be based on prevention to achieve better therapeutic and cosmetic effects.

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